Confusion, USA

That, my friends, is the state in which I live.

When I wrote about Dearly Beloved’s class reunion, I consulted a couple of online dictionaries to see whether to spell that flap of under-chin skin, wattle or waddle., even though I was pretty certain that it was wattle. agreed: wattle.  Definitely wattle.

The Urban Dictionary made it a whole different ball game.  If you’re not familiar with this source, get ready to enter an alternative universe.  Wear boots.

For a few days ago, the Word of the Day on was OBSCURANTISM, meaning “opposition to the spread of knowledge… evasion of clarity.”  I think it might be a good idea to dust that one off and use it frequently, since it has become a political platform.

Also last week, a Word of the Day on Urban Dictionary was “Cough and Call.”  That’s not even a word, it’s a phrase, but it does have an interesting meaning.Cough and Call means to call in sick, unable to go to work. Is that useful or what?!

Which will you use first?

Today’s Words of the Day on the two sites are “junket” and “farting at a fan.”   You can probably guess which was found where.

Back to wattle and waddle.  The Urban Dictionary says that waddle is “the part of skin that is sometimes flabby, underneath one’s chin.”  Wattle, they report, is “the red skin hanging from a turkey’s neck.”

See why there’s reason to be waffle-y about waddle and wattle?

Don’t think I’m promoting the Urban Dictionary, although it, as well as the Slang Dictionary, does have some clever entries.  It’s written by readers, so all the crazies who love to spread doodoo on the walls of any site which allows anonymous comments have left their smears here.

As to whether it’s wattle or waddle, choose one.

  • I COULDN’T care less.
  • I COULD care less.

Sorry!  I couldn’t resist.

WAFFLE, anyone?

11 thoughts on “Confusion, USA

    1. I’m sure eastern NC filled me with phrases that drive other people nuts. For instance, I plug UP a coffee pot until we moved to Wisconsin where one plugs IN a coffee pot.

  1. The urban dictionary really is fun isn’t it? Our language just keeps growing.
    Now I am just going to have to find the proper occasion to use “farting at a fan.” Can’t wait.

  2. I care deeply. Wattle wattle wattle! Hahahaha! Speaking of which, I really want to add a pet turkey to the farm. Need to find a rescue turkey! But I digress…

  3. Angie (shozzy)

    I thought wattle was a covering for walls in times past …and waddle was a way some walked …and a Turkey neck was the loose skin under the chin lol

  4. Who cares? As long as that slab of skin under my chin isn’t the color of a wattle. Don’t ducks waddle? I think I waddled until I lost weight. 🙂
    Never mind. I’m voting for OBSCURANTISM.

  5. Wattle. Definitely wattle per Nance’s Meat Computer Dictionary.

    I love using new words: In his press conference yesterday, Herman Cain busily practiced obscurantism while claiming to make a clear and unequivocal denial of culpability. For example, he essentially said, “Yes, I WILL take that lie detector test, if I decide that I actually NEED to. If I need to take a lie detector test, I will let you know.”

  6. It’s one of the reasons I hate looking into dictionaries, I just get more confused! lol Often times I just spell a word the way it sounds and if someone corrects me I just say “ya, that word!”:-) xoxo

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