Packing It In

Halloween always slips up on me.  Even though I know it’s coming, I rarely manage to unearth our box of fall decorations in time to work up much enthusiasm for decorating.  It’s somewhere in the attic, probably hiding behind the boxes of Christmas decorations.

We have a real pumpkin growing on the mystery vine in the compost pile, but I didn’t want to pick it yet, so I set out a little artificial pumpkin on the hall table instead and yes, I felt a bit degenerate in doing so.

I did hang this cute front door decoration my friend Lulu made for us.  The base is a tin can.  No kidding, this woman travels with tin snips.  (Shhh.  They may be considered a concealed weapon and I’m not sure she has a license to carry.) 

Oldest Daughter Boo would be horrified at the inadequacies of my seasonal accessorizing.  Boo is the Decorating Queen of Halloween.  Here are a couple of photos of the inside of her house this year:

Her skull and eyeball collections would make NCIS envious.

 However, today I can pack my little pumpkin and my door decoration in a shoe box and tuck it away somewhere and be officially undecorated.  Not that my work is done.  We had only a couple of Trick or Treaters, so there is still the matter of all that leftover Halloween candy.

Luckily, I bought chocolate.  I know exactly where I’ll pack that away.


20 thoughts on “Packing It In

  1. My daughter starts her Halloween decorations in August. She has lots of those bottles of ooky body parts and spider’s leavings. Most her decor is handmade and she ads to it yearly. This year, she got into large papier mache pieces. I worry about our grandson when he marries: Most men are disappointed when the new wife can’t fry chicken like his mother does, but our Liam will be devastated if his bride doesn’t festoon the entire house with horror.

  2. Okay, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the subject line because I was afraid you were going to stop blogging. Phew! And your daughter’s Hallowe’en decorating is inspired. Mine sucked!

  3. Shall I share that your decorating outdoes mine? For the last 13 years–I have hung 74 witches from my ceiling and had Halloween decorations on every flat space in my home and some slanted spaces too. Cole and I tried to buy a “real pumpkin” Halloween late afternoon at the grocery store–and when I ask where the pumpkins were…the grocery store person looked at me puzzled and said, “We are out, it’s Halloween.” Cole said, “Oh well,” and did not suggest we try another store–in fact I think he said, “We better get home and let the pups out.”
    Felt odd…but not in a bad way. I will do better for Thanksgiving. Maybe. Christmas absolutely.
    I might have been more inspired if I had an eyeball and skull collection…that is way cool!

    1. 74 witches, huh? Good grief! And from the ceiling yet!!!

      I’ll do better Christmas, too. I already have a new door decoration. Whoops–I suppose that makes it plain that it won’t be fresh. Never mind, I’ll mix some in with it!

  4. We still decorate the house with our tacky Halloween stuff. That includes a lava lamp pumpkin ghost and a fiber optic jack-o’-lantern. We even fly a Halloween flag. Alas, no trick-or-treaters this year. Our neighbor’s three grandsons have aged out of the program and are too busy with their activites to visit Nana for Halloween this year. Why do those cute little guys have to grow up so fast?

    1. I love your Halloween tackies!

      You’re right about grandsons growing up too fast. With Little League, soccer, scouts, chess clubs, music lessons, basketball, and whatever other activities compete for kids’ time these days, it’s hard for grandparents to be fitted in!

  5. I would kill for that skeleton collection. Seriously. Day of the Dead stuff. Right up my alley.

    Anyway, when the kids and grandkids are not around (and we have no trick or treaters here), Halloween decorating goes by the board. I did a bit more than usual because I had the Garden Club….but took it all done the second they walked out the door. 🙂

  6. I have two ceramic pumpkins that I bought at Homegoods last year on clearance, and a falling leaft table runner. My work is done. And yep, I brought 4 Butterfingers to work today. Must take care of that candy.

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