My Honey Did

When Dearly Beloved is at the beach-house-not-on-the-beach without me, he sends photos to show me the progress on his Honey-Do list.

This one noted,  “Your Jackass has fixed the blinds.”   

Yes, that is a rubber band and a paper clip.

The last time he went to the beach ahead of me, I asked him to water Big Ugly, the scrawny, mostly naked Dracaena plant that defies all odds by surviving weeks without water.  DB assured me that it was fine.  When I arrived a few days later, the poor thing was so dry that the soil had pulled away from the sides of the pot and the rug looked like autumn had struck in that corner.  Here’s evidence that “fine” is a relative term.

The plant was one step away from collapsing completely and crawling out of its own pot toward the one in the bathroom in search of a drink of toilet water.

(Note to my friends:  Should I ever be at the mercy of DB’s tender loving nursing care, please come and check on me personally, since his “She’s fine!” might really mean “Not dead quite yet.”)

He delights in sending photos from his walks on the beach to the rest of the family.  The Subject line on this one: “Sometimes I think I should be on the golf course” and the message was:

 “And then…”  

I could use some beach time myself, trying to repair wardrobe malfunction damage from the day I sat in the Georgia sun during four soccer games a few weeks ago.  Since the day was chilly, I did so wearing long pants and socks, and sitting under a blanket.  Looks like a few inches remained exposed on my left leg:

Unless I figure something out, I’ll be going through winter looking like I spent the summer in one sock.

Dearly Beloved takes all of his pictures with his trusty iPhone. This one should reassure BroJoe that there won’t be any family competition to his dragonfly photos.

Yikes!  Hard to believe it’s the same insect as these little guys.

Don’t forget that if you want an opportunity to win three prints from BroJoe’s photos, here’s where you can do so.

20 thoughts on “My Honey Did

  1. JanetHawn

    Hey at least he is trying to do things around the house, his motivation is pure, it’s his application that begs the question.

  2. ( I adore your header! Literally.)

    I think it’s sweet your DB sends you update photos on his progress (or lack thereof) with repairs. And frankly, the rest of the photos show he’s missing you and wants to share. Aren’t you lucky?

  3. Amazing!!! I have never before seen a man fix something without using either duct tape or WD 40. I am totally impressed.

    I do hope you have long-term-care insurance so that DB won’t have to tend to you should the need arise.

  4. At least you have to give your Dearly Beloved a “A” for ingenuity!

    I’ve had tans like yours yours–I am now sporting a v-neck tan from all our hours driving in California –lol!

  5. My NC mother always issued the same warning: “If I ever get really sick, you’d better get here fast, ’cause your father can’t take care of a blister.” I thought she was just being bitchy, but we did rule out retiring in Alaska. When the time came, turns out she was right. I take these warnings very seriously now, so always keep us posted on your whereabouts and never stop blogging!

  6. I always worry that if something happened to me, our animals would become mouldering corpses before hubby noticed. 😉

    LOVE the dragonflies!

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