Pumpkin Fever

When my friend Beanie drove us to the mountains last weekend for the e-mail group meeting, we had to take a detour around a wreck which created chaos on southbound I-85 for much of the day.  The detour took us through some small towns and past some sights we weren’t expecting.   We weren’t quite sure who was in a time warp–us or the small towners.

For instance, just up the road from the hair salon which had a big sign out front advertising this special:  MACRO or KINKY, we drove past a second beauty establishment:

We weren’t sure just what looks were being offering at either of them.

We did not brake for the Pumpkin Opry, even though it was large enough that plenty of other folks must.

This wonderful pumpkin display at a plant nursery outside of Cashiers was definitely worth a U-turn.

Wait!  There’s more…

And best of all. . .

Temperatures dropped enough for snow flurries just after we left.  Here’s the scene our hostess Birdie woke up to a couple of days later.  I hope the pumpkin man on the tractor had mittens.

11 thoughts on “Pumpkin Fever

  1. We don’t do much outside decorating with pumpkins in my part of the world. They don’t look all that good after a few days of being frozen solid…
    Having said that, we don’t have any snow yet!

  2. Amazing what fun a detour can make. I especially love the tractor made of the fall flora. I think pumpkin fever is affecting us as well. Just this morning my husband asked when I planned to make the season’s first pumpkin bread. (I just hope nobody ever tells him that canned pumpkin is available all year long.)

  3. The sign for “macro” and “kinky” are for African-American hairstyles. Here’s a list of some hairstyles that really piqued my interest that I found on a black hairstyle directory on the web:

    Micro Braid, Fusion, Lacing, Cornrow, Interlocking, African Twist, Cornrow Twist, Gel Twist, Liberian Twist, Weaves, Corkscrews, Human Hair Twist, Fish Braid ,Weave Flat, Invisible Braids, Casamance, Fish Tail, Interlock, Janet Jackson, Locs Extension, Tree Braids, Fluffy Twist, No Glue, No Sewing, No Cornrows Weave, Bobs, Silky Locks, Kinky Twist, Yarn Twist, Senegalese Twist, Human Hair, Human Micro Braid, Pixie, Nubian Kinky, Nubian Twist, Box Braids, Flat Twist, Macro / Mini Braids, goddess Braids, Silky Dread, Dread Lock

    As for the Elvis salon? I haven’t got a clue.

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