Monday Moaning, Columbus

Monday morning-type issues abound.

  • My e-mail will receive messages but not send them, so subsequently I receive followup e-mails wondering why I haven’t responded to earlier ones.
  • My brother’s photo blog wouldn’t upload photos in “this format.”   A photo blog without photos makes for a puny post.  As far as the two of us know, it’s the same format.  Sometimes when one is flying by the seat of one’s pants, there is a rip.
  • It is raining.  Why Miss Piggy emits a swampy smell when she isn’t wet is one of life’s little mysteries.  Granddog Stella is napping quietly on Miss Piggy’s bed.  Miss P, on the other hand, is lying across Stella’s bed, gnawing on one of Stella’s bones.  It’s too large for Miss Piggy  to even pick up with her old-lady teeth.  The sawing noise she is making seems the perfect topper to my two hours on the phone with three different computer support techs and now grinds into my cauliflower-ear.
  • In order to get rid of the ODD (Odoriferous Drizzled Dog) smell, I switched on the fan of our air conditioning system.  No fan noise.  Not a good sign, I fear.
  • I would ask Dearly Beloved about the fan problem and Good Egg Son about the computer problems but they are both out on the golf course.  In the rain.  Should one trust answers from men who don’t know enough to come in out of the rain?

Having bellied up to the Apple Genius Bar twice last week, I tried Online Support this morning.  The first tech had me uninstall and reinstall my e-mail program.  Doing as instructed, I reinstalled 10,751 e-mails–a neat trick since I don’t have 10,751 e-mails.  Who knows… I may have imported yours, too.  I couldn’t tell that anything changed in my Inbox.  I watched as I worked my way through three cups of coffee, and a cherry turnover.   

(The tech, I learned during the wait, loves muffins, lives in Lexington, KY, had car trouble on a trip with three buddies in a remote section of Ohio, and his iPhone is broken.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to feel obligated to invite me to the wedding whenever he gets married, we became so tight waiting for 10,000+ e-mails to roll in.)

Since I can still receive mail, I opened this one from a friend who sent it to me and to  his two-year-old grandson.  It made me feel better.  I hope it did the same for the little chap.


7 thoughts on “Monday Moaning, Columbus

  1. My grandson would love that video, too!

    I’ve decided that Mr. Mature is a golf whore. He’s occasionally called to play with a fellow who issues a cattle call and rounds up players for a weekly game. He’s a rampant ultraconservative who regales the whole group with tea party bon mots and then spends half the round fishing golf balls out of every water hazard so he can sell them. The guys secretly draw straws for who’s going to have to share a cart with him. And, yet, if he calls, Mr. Mature always shows up. He’d divorce me in a heartbeat if I blathered GOP politics at him and braked for every puddle I saw, but if golf’s involved….Well, you know.

  2. What a hilarious video. All cowboys need to fear replacement by remote vehicles.
    I am guessing you won’t have to go to India for your tech’s wedding and I would bet your guys were safe and dry in the 19th hole swapping stories.

  3. Sharon Kauerz

    That was hilarious! That would work for cats, I suppose. The body language on those cows was like a “herd” of curious cats!

  4. Julie

    I will forward this to my friend whose husband has cattle. She scolded him for not having all black ones! “It just would look a lot nicer if they were all black!” she said. 🙂

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