It’s Nature’s Way of Telling You To Eat More Cake

Yesterday was my Dearly Beloved’s birthday and I’d planned to write something eloquent and mushy.  Alas. . . .

The Birthday Boy had been anxious to get back to the beach-house-not-on-the-beach and had asked Good Egg Son to come down for a Father/Son golf weekend.  I volunteered to take care of the dogs–our Miss Piggy and granddog Stella, an energetic Weimaraner.  How hard can it be to sit around and knit or read with two dogs at your feet, right?

Simple, indeed… until time for Miss Piggy’s poop walk.  I needed to take both dogs at the same time, fearing that  Stella would shred the door if left behind, not to mention that she has a bark that can dislodge roof shingles two streets away and she isn’t afraid to use it.

I put them on retractable leashes, thinking they’d be easier to handle that way.  Before we reached the end of the block it became apparent that I’d been wrong about that.  Miss Piggy pooped quickly and did a U-turn, ready to head home.

Stella wanted to run to Connecticut.

Quickly, the two of them entangled me in their retractable leashes, pulling in opposite directions as I stood hog-tied in the middle of the street.  I was having minimal success in freeing myself until a couple of our neighbors drove up and, after they got their laughter under control, got out and unraveled me.

One walked Miss Piggy back to the house so that I could continue walking Stella, while the other took the poop bag and drove home with it dangling out her car window.   She said, by way of explanation,  “That’s what friends do for each other.”

I should make a note of that.

I soon realized that I should have held on to the poop bag and given the neighbor Stella’s leash to hang out the window and drive her around for exercise, for I was doing little but restraining her.  She dragged me around the neighborhood as I yelled, “Stel-l-l-l-a!!!” in a poor but entirely unintended imitation of Marlon Brando.

When she jumped into a mud puddle,  I worried about letting those muddy paws back inside the house, but Stella solved the problem herself by jerking me to the other side of the street and jumping into the lake there.  I held on and eventually won that round without having to go in after her.  Mud problem solved.

It was I who came home panting.  Stella was practically moonwalking around me in boredom as I flopped in a chair and picked up my computer to write sweet sentiments.

Stella objected.

I gave up on trying to write, but did manage, even with Stella glued to my side, to bake a cake… an Olive Oil Citrus Cake I found in a cookbook.  Greater love hath no wife than to zest an orange, a lemon, and a grapefruit for her husband’s birthday cake.  But the fabulous dates stuffed with gorgonzola and pine nuts that Good Egg Son whipped up may have been the hit of the evening.

It was a delightful day!  The Birthday Boy took the dogs for a walk himself and summed up the experience quite succinctly:

“It’s like walking Eeyore and Tigger.”


Still hunky after all these years!  Happy Birthday, Husband-O-Mine!  
“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” 
― A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh

25 thoughts on “It’s Nature’s Way of Telling You To Eat More Cake

  1. Happy Birthday to the husband! It was a great day in spite of being tangled up with Eeyore and Tigger…

    Those olive oil citrus cakes-sound wonderful.


  2. DB had a flat top haircut back in the day! How cute! I have a picture of my older brother sporting one, except he has a surly expression on his face, not like DB’s pleasant one.

    Happy belated birthday to DB and kudos to you for being the best combination Weimaraner wrangler/cake baker I know. 🙂

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your dog walking episode and am impressed with the poop bag carrying friend. That is special.
    DB is adorable and I can almost smell the butch wax.
    Wonderful quote and perfect sweet sentiments if borrowed.

    1. The leash burns across my palm are almost healed. 🙂

      I thought our grandsons might get a kick out of the flat top photo. (Not that they come near my blog! I e-mailed it to them.)

  4. You two are the sweetest, cutest, funniest couple EVERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
    Happy Bday to your DB!!!
    So glad you have good neighbors to watch your back and stash ‘your’ poop?? Or something like that!! lololololol….;):)

    1. That’s the same neighbor whose house Miss Piggy runs to every time she gets out. She knows where they stash the dog biscuits and where the cat food bowl is. She’ll take either.

  5. I stare in awe at those people who are able to walk two dogs in an orderly fashion. I know, only too well, that tangled up feeling! And the even more desperate prayer of the tangled up- “Please, God, don’t send a squirrel across my path right now!!”

    1. OMG, I never even THOUGHT about a squirrel!! Miss Piggy would have ignored it, but Stella would have gone bananas! The only thing I’ve seen Miss Piggy want to chase (true story!) lately is a TURTLE!

  6. OMG, a brush cut! Love it! Happy Birthday to your cute man!
    (Did I tell you the story of a friend who was walking her lab on one of those retractable leashes? He took off suddenly after a squirrel and she went face down into the pavement. Many stitches and dentistry later, she is still walking that dog!)

    1. It is starting to sound like this episode was almost as dangerous as the encounter with the copperhead!

      YIKES, your friend must have really been a mess! I’m imagining how awful it would be to have to get up and walk home in that condition!

  7. Tammy

    Happy Birthday DB. And I loved the dog walking story. I want you to think of me every morning when I walk all 3 of ours. Keep in mind 2 are large and one is blind and old and small but has a nose that never stops. And yes they all three have Redskin collars and leashes. lol

  8. Surprisingly enough, your Milne quote did indeed turn the post into an eloquent and mushy post after all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DB! AND MANY, MANY MORE!

    I notice you are not wearing your walking shoes. You didn’t take the dogs for a walk wearing clogs, now did you?

    We have no problem walking two Goldens, but I’m sure it is quite a challenge to walk two dogs of such different sizes and energy levels. Nice to give us (and the neighbors) a good laugh.

    1. WAIT! Those are not my ankles and bedroom shoes, they’re Dearly Beloved’s. Well, actually, they are his mother’s cankles, but they’re perfect for him.

      I did indeed buy some walking shoes. You’d approve, I think.

      Thanks for the good wishes for the birthday boy!

    1. I was late posting it. His birthday was actually the 8th, but you Libras are pretty special. Stella does have pretty eyes–they’re grey/green. I got to see plenty of them–she likes to be up close and personal.

  9. Warm birthday wishes.
    Smart you for taking Stella with you….Weimaraner are a little needy and should not be left alone..ever. . .even when you need to use the bathroom they are certain you plan to escape through the window.
    Ya know, does Stella have a prong collar? Some people don’t like them but well, it would be so sad for your family, if a country western song was written about you.. Mama, Got drown by a Weimaraner. We told her not to walk by the lake… Stella felt real bad…she howled up a storm…but she ain’t no Lassie so we didn’t get there in time….that night we blew out Papa’s birthday candles…but he was kind of sad….with mama at the bottom of that lake….(well I will quit now but you get the idea…)

    1. She has a Westminster collar which works GREAT, it was just that I didn’t know where it was that day, so I tried to make one out of one of those leashes that the vet uses. It was not my wisest moment.

      I took her out (without Miss Piggy) and used her Westminster collar and we did fine.

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