20 thoughts on “Highway to Hooterville

      1. I’m sure y’all don’t see a lot of hay being transported because you actually have had rain and the subsequent green grass, so livestock hasn’t had to be put on feed. We see a lot of this here on our roads because we’ve had no rain and have nothing but dirt…

        It’s Rick Perry’s fault. God didn’t like that rock he had on his hunting lease, and we’re paying for it.

  1. All right, I am slow. I honestly thought the Hooterville title was like “what a hoot” to ride down the Interstate behind this truck. Then I read Sue’s comment and saw the light. No, they don’t let me out much.

  2. If they were strapped down, it’s fine. If they weren’t, I’d worry! They look strapped down, but then the truck also looks kind of overloaded. Those are huge round bales of hay and they look wrapped, so I’m thinking they are silage for beef or dairy cows.

    All that said, i wouldn’t have driven behind him for long!!

  3. My first thought was…Well at least I don’t look that bad from behind…and then I saw the “Hooterville” image you were suggesting and thought or that good from in front.
    Too Funny.

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