Hair Raising Video

Miss Piggy’s veterinary office had this video on its Facebook page.  I’m taking that to mean that no pupsters were harmed in the making. I still hope that the pooch didn’t  head for his metal water bowl immediately thereafter.


14 thoughts on “Hair Raising Video

  1. You find the best videos, Mary Lee! My cat gets static in the winter and sparks fly when I pet him unless I wet my hands first.

  2. Too funny! Just saw this….Loved the watching with amusement. Poor little dog needs some bounce. I do wonder if it hurt though… probably not. I may have to try it this winter on a little coton tulear that camps with me.

  3. Just saw you commented on my blog, so I thought I’d visit your online abode! This is just adorable, isn’t it???? I always feel bad for the dog when people laugh at him/her, but who couldn’t help from laughing at this? It’s a hairdo worthy of Lady Gaga! 😉

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