10 thoughts on “My Brother’s Been Buggin’ Me Again

  1. Love the praying mantis. Great photo! I think they are so intelligent (for an insect.) I always try to save the teeny ones we find here in the country. When you talk to them they’ll turn their heads to look right at you. Really…..Why are you lookin’ at me funny?

  2. They sure do look alien when you see them close up like that! Great shots, although I’d never want to get that close and personal with any insect! lol Your BroJoe is an awesome photographer. xoxo

  3. Fabulous photos! When I was a kid I loved to collect bugs in jars and try to keep them as pets…I know weird..lol…but I found them fascinatiing to watch. My favorites were grasshoppers. I hardly see any grasshoppers around here anymore.

  4. Love the quote…and “wise one” is my favorite. You and broJoe are a good team he takes great pictures and you bring out the character in them!

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