Ask the Animals; They Will Teach You*

My dog-lovin’ friend in Savannah sent a website link recently which has led me down some intriguing video paths.  It was the link by which I came upon the video of Salty and Omar which I posted yesterday. promotes pet adoption in a very positive way, by showing the joys of pet ownership.  The site lets people upload their own videos for sharing with other animal lovers.   Dogwork, WordPress, or perhaps (gasp!) my inadequate skills, won’t allow me to embed today, so you’ll have to click to enjoy this Monday morning chuckle of a large dog going nuts over a lazy susan.

(If that doesn’t work, here is a cut and paste link:

Warning: If you enjoyed the video, avoid the COOL VIDEOS link above it unless you have some serious time to kill.

There are also professional videos linked to the site, including some by six-time Emmy award winner Allison Argo of ArgoFilms.  I loved this uplifting film about a captive elephant being reunited with another elephant after 20 years.  You won’t be sorry you watched this incredibly sweet offering.

(Again, here is a backup link:

This Bizarro comic from a few days ago says it all, with humor:

Don’t you agree?
If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.
St. Francis of Assisi
*Title adapted from Job 12:7

12 thoughts on “Ask the Animals; They Will Teach You*

  1. My daughter adopted a cat….we think he was mistreated as he is THE most anti-social cat I have ever had the misfortune to meet. She calls him her ghetto cat. He LIKES her….but hates the rest of us. The animal bit ME. And I love cats. And dogs….all animals. They usually love me too. But not this one.
    He came to visit last month for a month. It was NOT a pleasant experience.

    1. EXACTLY!!! It looked like great doggy exercise. . . and that dog was even ambidextrous with it! Patsy could get a workout and Bumper could watch smugly, believing it to be confirmation that Patsy is nutso.

  2. I am such a sucker for elephant stories. I have great admiration for their family interactions. I once cried for quite a while watching a video of an elephant trying to awaken and rouse her stillborn baby. I’m glad this video had a happy ending. So sweet.

    1. In the book I just finished reading, they spoke of elephant mothers sometimes taking their dead babies miles and miles to the elephant burying ground. I’m a sucker for them, too.

  3. Birdie

    This is a GREAT post. Wonderful cartoon, great links.
    Let’s take up a collection so Patsy can have her own lazy susan; do they still exist in this country?

  4. I’ve seen that touching elephant reunion, MaryLee, as soemone sent it to me an an e-mail, and it sent me on a hour search to find out what happened to them afterward. I’m off to check out your links! Thnaks!

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