What a Difference a Day Makes

We had lunch on the pier over Labor Day weekend and to say that the beach was crowded is an understatement.
Looking south, toward the jetty.

When we first started coming here,  umbrellas were a rarity, except for those set out by hotel staffs for their guests.  Every year they have become more and more common.

Looking north, toward the pier.

(If I remember correctly, part of the test for lifeguards here is to be able to swim from the pier where I was standing to that pier on the horizon in that second photo.  Now THAT’S endurance!)

Apologies for not cleaning my camera lens.

Only one shark was circling the area.

That's a GOOD thing in NY?

Everybody was there, apparently.  (No, I didn’t see Him.)
If they weren’t already there, they were caught in the bridge traffic, still on their way.
Sometimes the beach is criticized for its scarcity of public restrooms, but Dearly Beloved says that my theory about why the shoreline water looks so much lighter is still cockamamie.
A whole lot of squatting going on, though.

Tuesday, when Dearly Beloved went for his usual beach walk, he sent back this photo of a far different scene.

Dismantling the lifeguard stands.

Notice the guy in the lifeguard chair.  I didn’t and was chastised for it.  DB said that I underestimated his degree of cleverness in choosing this particular shot and the name he gave the photo:




13 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes

  1. I remember being on Nantucket over Labor Day years ago…one day it was jammed with people, the next everyone was gone, beach and proch furniture pulled in and restaurants closed. Wonder if that still happens?

  2. Love all the colours of the umbrellas. Beautiful beach but I like ’em empty. You get more of that (emptiness) on North Atlantic beaches, although it’s painful to swim! Brrr!

    Love that last one!

    1. I’d rather swim here in October than May. It takes a long time for the waters to cool… then a long time for them to warm up to my liking. And I’m talking ankle deep.

  3. I must have had the only children who came out of the water and insisted we go back to the condo so they could pee.

    I know you are glad to have your beach back from all the tourists. We have a brief respite from Labor Day until the leaves change. Then they hit us full force again. If you hadn’t pointed out the guy in the chair I would not have noticed either. That DB has quite an eye.

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