Big Wheel on the Beach

My brother has always been hell on wheels.

Oh, not that way!  In fact, he was a terrific kid. . . good brother, Eagle Scout.  I’m saying that you should have seen that boy on a unicycle.

He was riding that thing when his friends were still using training wheels on their two wheelers… as if, when graduating from tricycle to two-wheeler, he decided he’d rather ride that third wheel instead.  And so effortlessly!  Frontwards, backwards, and, with some little twists back and forth, he could stay upright in one spot… arms crossed over his chest.

Someone stole it eventually, thus thwarting any dreams he might have had of riding off to join the circus.

These days, a regular bicycle has become his preferred method of transportation in the beach town where he lives.  Occasionally he sends me photos.

This was one in the series he called, “GUESS WHICH BICYCLE IS MINE…”

Yep. . . that’s it, front and center– cup holder and all.   He didn’t say where this was taken, but I’m guessing PUBLIC LIBRARY.   That woman has “librarian” written all over her.

This morning he sent a picture that gave me the giggles.

BroJoe… Beach road… Backed in.

Now that’s just showing off!

Back when he sent me a picture of his feet in his new snake boots a few months ago, he had his legs propped on his bicycle handlebars.  I didn’t think twice about it. It didn’t even cross my mind to wonder if he actually rode that bike in places that require snakeboots.

Now I’m worried.  This morning, he e-mailed these shots just after the bicycle photo.

Stand back; here’s a closeup:

He looks pretty sure of himself, doesn’t he.  Maybe that’s why BroJoe backed into that bicycle rack.

Fast exit.


6 thoughts on “Big Wheel on the Beach

  1. That gator has a smile on it’s face for a reason! I hope your Bro’s snake skin boots are made for running because gators are very fast.
    Ya, know the other day I stopped by the Library and the women in Bro Joe’s picture did not look that different from the women behind the library desk except our Librarian has a book tattoo and a nose ring. Goes to show….well you know.

    1. Oh, not snakeskin boots. . . big, ugly, camouflage things that are thick enough to keep a snake from being able to penetrate to skin.

      I don’t think they work for alligators.

      Your librarian. . . ! 🙂 She certainly screws up the adage about not being able to judge a book by its cover.

  2. I think BroJoe leads a charmed life for certain. Seems to me the snake boots would slow one down when running from the gators. I suspect he knows that the gator is not smiling in friendship.

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