Sure, I Surf. Pass the Remote.

After Labor Day, beach crowds thin and dogs on the beach become a common sight, even though the No Dogs On the Beach rule is in place for another month or so.

In mid-autumn, when the restrictions are formally lifted and meters are removed to make beach parking free, the ocean is still warm enough for the Labs and Golden Retrievers to splash in the waves.  The free parking we enjoy, but allowing dogs on the beach doesn’t change much for us, other than making us more careful where we step.

Miss Piggy is not a beach dog.

She won’t fetch on dry land unless it’s for something edible, so there’s zero possibility that she’s going to follow some loopy Lab into the ocean to fetch a stick. Since she won’t even walk on dewy grass, her paws aren’t likely to feel the salt water on them.

Not that I’m criticizing.  I haven’t been in the ocean over my calves in years.  That’s as far as I can go without putting on a bathing suit and that’s not going to happen unless scientists prove that salt water removes cellulite.

Taking Miss Piggy to the beach is risky because we never know which dog will arrive.  Some days she’ll prance, looking like she’s humming Under the Boardwalk under her breath.  Other days are strictly “NOOO-bod-ee knows the trouble I’ve seen…” and she walks along in determined, mule-heading-back-to-the-barn mode.

I believe such is the derivation of the term dogged determination.

Again, it’s not that I’m unsympathetic.  I liken it to the feeling of heading for the bedroom to finally change after a day in constricting bra and panty hose.

I doubt that this video will inspire her, but it’s awfully cute.  Maybe she’ll think the English bulldog is a Hunk.

The skateboard part is my favorite.  That dog has moves!  Well, so does Miss Piggy, but she eats hers.

8 thoughts on “Sure, I Surf. Pass the Remote.

  1. You, gal, can go further in a short turn-around than anyone I ever read. I’ve got all the visuals here from a prancing Piggy to a plodding one. Loved it.

    p.s. Please open the comments here to anyone who might know what DOES remove cellulite.

  2. I love this. . .Bull dogs just seem to love motion and FUN. The one’s that camp with us love the trampoline. Ms Piggy should not feel bad (and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t) because some dogs breeds are born to bogey and other’s are born to stretch out on the couch and be fed bacon bits.

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