Quite a Pair

While Dearly Beloved remained at the beach to play Robinson Crusoe for a few weeks after I returned to Charlotte, he e-mailed daily photos of the ocean during his walks.  We were probably in touch by phone and e-mails a dozen times a day.  For instance, I e-mailed him regularly:

“Have you killed that Copperhead yet?”

He assured me that he looked every day.  He thought it had moved on.

Since we remind ourselves of the characters in the Pickles comic strip these days, I tried not to nag.  Let’s call them loving reminders.

Remember this ugly plant at the beach-house-not-on-the-beach?  I’ve written about it previously.  It hasn’t gotten any better looking since then; this picture is recent:

Ugly plant.

After I’d been back for a couple of weeks, I e-mailed to make sure DB was watering the plant regularly.  I was pretty confident he was, since the plant is obviously hard to overlook.   Or so one would think.

My e-mail:

Are you watering the tree in the living room? 

His response:

yes, if you count right now

On his drive back here this weekend, DB called to tell me he’d stopped to eat along the way, so he wouldn’t want dinner.  I made something for myself, starting with one of those cheese-stuffed pasta packages from the dairy case.  When DB arrived and saw it, he said that perhaps he could eat just a small amount after all.

I had left similar packages in the fridge at the beach for him and he’d told me that he’d eaten all of them, so I was surprised at the gusto with which he attacked the dish.

“This is really special,” he raved, even though I prepare it regularly.

I said, “Isn’t this how you fixed yours?  Olive oil… fresh basil… tomatoes?” 

“Well, I didn’t have any basil.

“Sure you did.  I set out several plants in June.”

He looked at me blankly.  “I guess I missed them.  Where did you plant them?”

“Right across from the sliding glass doors in the living room, next to the tomato plants.”  

“Tomato plants? There were tomato plants?”

I can’t remember why I took this photo, but it was before the tomato plants started to grow.  However, look in the middle of the shot at the green squares of a trellis.  That’s the support I used for the tomatoes and the basil.  Notice that you’re looking from inside the house–the view on the way to our bedroom and bath.  (Yes, that’s a spike of the ugly plant on the right.)

The trellis is bout six feet away from the area where I saw the Copperhead sunning himself, so this is the territory DB “searched” every day.  Would a man who overlooked three tomato plants and some very pungent basil notice a snake if it didn’t stand up and whistle to him?

I should have placed a golf ball in front of the plants.  THAT, he would have noticed.

Not that I have any room to criticize.  One afternoon while I was here alone, I took a long walk.  I usually go barefooted around the house, so I rooted around in the closet for some comfortable shoes.  As soon as I returned,  I stepped out of the shoes in the front hall. When I bent over to pick them up to put them away, this is what I discovered I’d worn:

Quite a pair, indeed.


17 thoughts on “Quite a Pair

  1. When I was in grad school I wore two different sandals to school all day. I didn’t realize the error until 7 hours later when I got to work that afternoon. :o/

    I think the ugly plant is beautiful!

    1. It is truly ugly–I’ve got branches tied together to keep it from looking extra-terrestrial, but I can’t say it’s any trouble… Just have to pick up the dead fronds that fall after DB has plant-tended for awhile.

      Thanks for making me feel better about the shoes. 🙂 Wouldn’t you think somebody would mention it?!

  2. I admire how you care for its well being even though it is ugly.You obviously just don’t fall for a pretty face. You see beyond the physical.
    At least your shoes were the same color. Could have been worse.

  3. I did. Plus, I stood out on the sidewalk and talked to five other neighbors for at least 20 minutes. You’ll be relieved to know that I have since bought some “normal” walking shoes.

    Can’t remember… did I blog about going for a walk a few weeks ago and got two blocks from the house before I realized I had my dress on inside out?

  4. I was once at a party where the host insists on shoe removal. At the end of the party my 9 shoes were gone and a size 7 shoes were left. One of the guests had stolen my shoes. Which was more of a problem for me than it was for her.
    My mom says that the plants could grab my dad, point to their parched roots with all their leaves, droop with drama and he would still wonder if he should water them.
    So do you know if ugly plant made it?

  5. I don’t know who is more entertaining, Dearly Beloved or you! I laughed throughout this post…particularly when you said that perhaps you should have put a golf ball in front of where the tomato plants were. HILARIOUS!!! It probably would have worked!!

    By the way, I actually like that ‘pair’ of shoes. You could set a new trend, I tell you. For real.

  6. Everything in this post rings too familiar! I once did a very important presentation to a large audience. When I finished and sat down I noticed that one shoe was black and the other was navy blue. Fortunately the design was identical and in the dimmed light I don’t think many people noticed. When I buy dress shoes that fit well, I buy three pairs; navy blue, black, and bone. Glad to hear you bought some real walking shoes.

  7. When my older brother was in kindergarten, he used to wear cowboy boots to school sometimes. One day when he came home he complained to our mother that his feet were killing him. He had been wearing the boots on the wrong feet. At least you didn’t do that! (And now that I think about it, why didn’t the teacher notice? Or my mother? Strange…)

  8. Yep, the golf ball should solve the problem. I was tempted to say without us they couldn’t even find their shoes….(smile)
    I’ve had similar problems with shoes and other things like wearing a dress wrong-side out once. Happens to us all. And I don’t think your tree is ugly. I think it has a mind of its own.

  9. Dawn Fine

    You never seize to amaze me…You stories are always amusing and make me chuckle. You really should submit some of your writings to magazines or newspapers.

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