Heat Waving!

I knit, but don’t think myself a knitter… like I write, but don’t call myself a writer.  The enjoyment is there; the expertise?  Not so much.  I enjoy pursuing both pastimes, but I’ve done neither of late.   My apologies for not showing up lately.

I’m blaming the heat and Congress.  I’m weary of both.   Remember the days when people sat on porches during the day and children played outside, barefooted?  Yes, Virginia, there is global warming.  In fact, I have bad news for you, Honey.  At this rate, Santa and the elves may be drowning in a sea of melted snow by Christmas.

It’s a strange world.  God’s approval rating has dropped to 52%.  Still, that’s twice Sarah Palin’s these days.  On the other hand, Bank of America, the 19th most hated company in America, has a 68% approval rating.  Go figure.

All of that is beside the point, completely off topic.  You can tell that the heat is taking a toll on my ability to focus.  This is meant to be… TA DAH…! a post about knitting.  You don’t see me writing many of these and there’s a good reason, but stick with me.  I’ll try to make it a good yarn.

I am terrorized by those thin, fine yarns which make such lovely lacy projects. (See Exhibit A.)

Exhibit A.

While I can handle the chunkier yarns more easily, the larger needles needed for those projects feel clunky and awkward, not to mention that they hurt my fingers.  I’m hoping that my skill level will improve with both.

It didn’t take me long to realize  that I should just knit for myself since my gifts, like this blue scarf, may not be worn by the intended recipient. (Exhibit B.)

Exhibit B.
  My stash of patterns and yarns might seem excessive to some– a husband, for instance…  but since I know knitting fiends friends with a worse addiction, I don’t think I’m a candidate for Hoarders yet.  For instance, I do not have to seek off-site storage and my dining room chandelier is still yarn-free. (Exhibit C.)
Exhibit C.
(To the friends who might be blushing now… not to worry.  I’ll never tell.) I love knitting blogs.  I wander through my favorites then onto their blog roll favorites.  I love to see their FO’sFinished Objects, (she said wistfully.)  One that I discovered, Mommy’s Monster, sometimes has product reviews and giveaways.  A couple of months ago, the blog had a review and giveaway of a most interesting yarn–YOSPUN by Matney Paine.  Watch this video at your own risk. 
I was one of the winners and Matney sent two skeins of the luscious stuff! 
I’m still trying to decide what I want to do with them.  I’m in no hurry to finish… not in this weather.  It feels so incredibly soft, though, I can’t keep my hands off it.  Especially when Dearly Beloved models it.
Wolf in sheep's clothing.

9 thoughts on “Heat Waving!

  1. I know whose chandelier that is! Don’t worry, I won’t spill either. 😉

    Thanks for the link! And good luck suffering through that heat, you poor thing!

  2. My, what lovely long hair your dearly beloved has! hehe You have to admit he’s a good sport, anyway! lol I learned how to knit in Home Economics class when I was in grade 9 but didn’t enjoy it so never did take it up. The only things I sew are hems on pants or dresses! lol Such a lovely ensemble you made for your doggie to wear….do you think he/she will need therapy now? Yes, I’m laughing here! lol xoxo

    1. That’s one of the granddogs, wearing a scarf I made for youngest grandson. I didn’t do the sweater. Maybe the other grandmother did. I can see why a little boy would turn that one down. 🙂

      Try knitting again. It’s much easier with circular needles.

  3. You ARE both a writer AND a knitter. And thanks a heap for giving me more yarn to lust after and add to my stash!

    Men just don’t understand yarn stashes. They need to be educated!!

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