Sit Up Straight to Watch!

Major vocal cord action here, not to mention the cuteness factor, from this 5-year-old.  Holy moly!

I doubt that baby monitors were ever needed in her room.

(Thanks, Dirtwom, for sending this.)


17 thoughts on “Sit Up Straight to Watch!

  1. There is a very young boy with a stunning operatic baritone. Wish I could find that video.

    Meanwhile, I LOVE that new pix on your header!

  2. Sharon Kauerz

    A friend sent me that video yesterday. I was stunned. She certainly has had some good coaching to go along with the pipes. Great hand gestures, pauses and inflection. Can’t really see how tall she is, but she looks more like a 10-year old. Still fantastic.

    1. The hand gestures could also go with On The Good Ship Lollipop, but she is so darned cute! The pauses, etc.–you’re right. You think 10? Heck, she’s fantastic even if she’s 35!

  3. Wow–what a voice. She is fantastic. Would love to hear some of these mega talented kids sing something other than the Start Spangled banner tho…American The Beautiful for example.
    Love your banner–the color is so vivid and the swing is so inviting.

  4. A future American Idol for sure–or one of those singing reality shows–I’ve lost track of them–lol!

    How is the summer treatung your Mary Lee? Since I don’t have central AC I’m tired of all the humidity!

  5. The first time I heard this little girl sing was last year when someone had sent me a video of her singing O Holy Night and I was blown away, she is absolutely amazing. Not fair, though, being only 5 years old and having a voice like that, I’m 53 and can’t carry a tune even if my life depended on it!! lol xoxo

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