LL-lo. . . ?

This post is brought to you by the letter L.

I’m not sure why.  It isn’t like we asked for one, but I looked outside and there it was.

(L under wraps.)

Since my head has been too congested to have any room for thoughts lately and I’m way behind on replies, I’m designating this Little of This, Little of That Day.

Playing catch-up.

The Copperhead is still at large.  Dearly Beloved checks frequently to see if it’s lying around in the garden again, but no sightings so far.  I’m for calling Critter Control or the National Guard, but he assures me that he has killed “many Copperheads” and is not cavalier about them.

News to me, but I don’t doubt it. That’s my man, even when he was a boy… back when the deer and the antelope roamed.

DB stayed at the beach while I came back for my dentist appointment and before I head to the coast again,  I’m thinking that momma needs a new pair of shoes.  Like BroJoe’s.

He sent this picture and called it “Snake Boots at Rest.”

A few steps in these suckers would outdo the old Buns of Steel DVD someone gave me that’s gathering dust somewhere.  Well, not exactly  gathering dust,  since it’s never been opened.

Speaking of tight buns, the wise and witty Kitchen Witch allowed that with all of DB’s water walking, he must have Lance Armstong-like calves and butt, to which I reply, “Correctamundo!”

I modestly enter as evidence this (secret!) calf picture from a couple of months ago–before the current month of water walking.

No butts about it!

Don’t even think of commenting about  the bone.  It belongs to Miss Piggy, thank you.

Katybeth at Odd Loves Company asked what I was reading this summer.  Before I tell you that, let me say that we didn’t get one peach off our peach tree this summer and now it’s a fight for the figs. With that in mind, you will understand why this is my summer read:

The flowers are gardenias.  They smell wonderful and thank goodness, the rabbits aren’t trying to eat them.  I grew up with one of these shrubs in the yard, but knew it as a Cape Jasmine.  I asked for a gardenia corsage once, only to realize when I received it that I could have simply walked out in the backyard and picked a vase of them.

We had a money plant too, but it didn’t work out like we hoped.
Sometimes you want something and find you already have it.  Other times you have it and it’s not what you thought it would be.
That’s Life.

12 thoughts on “LL-lo. . . ?

  1. I see Miss Piggy likes Nylabones. Our mini-dachshund and chihuahua used to spend HOURS chewing on those things. And our Ghost Dog used to pick one up and loudly drop it on the wood floor in the middle of the night. But that’s another story…

    My mother’s wedding corsage was this curving arc of gardenias that practically covered her from neck to lower chest. She said it looked like she’d won the first race at Pimlico.

  2. Miss P doesn’t really care for the bone because it isn’t categorized as FOOD. I think I’d found it under the sofa. She probably put it there to hide it from the granddogs.

    Okay, you will be doing a post on ghost dog soon, right? Maybe you can dig up a photo of your mother in her gardenia garland.

    1. I do have a photo of her in her gardenia garland. I’ll have to find it.

      As for Ghost Dog, she was another chihuahua (long-haired) that we had before moving to Texas. We brought her dog bed with us, and apparently, she decided to come along for the ride. She used to run through the house after the lights went out and bonk around under the bed. This went on for a year until our other chihuahua died from a rattlesnake bite. Then we had the two of them chasing each other around at night for about a month, until the activity just tapered off.

  3. My gardenias were lovely this year, piddled out finally about a week ago. That scent! What we get when we lower our faces to the blossom is called ‘head space’ and perfumers cannot duplicate it either naturally or by molecular engineering. The only way to get that fragrance is to grow it.

    Those calves do look up to copperheads. Don’t think about that sentence too long.

  4. lulu

    I want to nap in that gorgeous pink ‘couch’ swing at the top of your blog – oh my, I bet you covered that yourself and made the pillows, right?! …sigh….you are amazing!!
    oops sorry, back to the letter L – LOVELY, LADY, just LOVELY!!:):)

  5. I’m so glad you referred to the copperhead again, because I read that post and must have gotten called away or something because I forgot to comment. I’m glad you have a sense of humor about it. I LOVED that post and your husbands comments about following the snake to see where it went. 🙂
    It made me think of my mother who was terrified of snakes. Terrified. On the boat she would make us plug all the sinks ’cause she was certain they’d come up that way. And when she’d come to visit us at the cabin, we would all go out with sticks and beat the bushes, hoping to scare away any snakes in the area. I have a dear friend who can’t even see a photo of one without having a panic attack. And I was with her once when we saw a fake one in a little pool in a backyard garden in Savannah. Her attack lasted 5 hours!

    On to other things…
    I had a gardenia bush here in Florida in my first home here. Beautiful. They were also the flower I carried when I married. I love the fragrance.
    And the squirrel book is a scream. Any decent ideas in it?

  6. I adore gardenias! I have one as a houseplant. It spends summers out on the screened porch and winters inside. Occasionally it blooms for me, but not like your southern wonders!!

    Nice calves!

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