Birds in my Belfry? Nevermore.

Three of the grandsons were here last week.  While their home base was actually their other grandparents’ beach home, across the Intracoastal Waterway about five minutes or so from us unless the drawbridge is up, they were hauled back and forth every day.

At the beach, they were indulged with boogie boarding, boating, tubing, fishing, and the company of three younger cousins.  Here at the beach-house-not-on-the-beach, Camp Granddad offered biking, games, golfing, movies, swimming in the pool, and, of course, the dreaded banana cake.  Is that Kid Paradise or what?!

We were surprised though, when one of the most popular activities turned out to be our new iPad.  Are today’s kids born with an extra electronics chromosome?

The iPad already had a bunch of games on it, synced from Dearly Beloved’s phone.  No, he doesn’t play them, but he is a sucker when it comes to grandson requests.  After he ceded primary iPad rights to me,  I moved most of those apps into a Kids’ Games folder, but I took Good Egg Son’s suggestion and left the Angry Birds app separate because he thought I might enjoy it.  It’s the free version–12 levels.  One evening a couple of weeks ago, I tried it.

Crack cocaine addiction could not possibly work any faster.

I labored on that game for days, finally working up to Level 12, at which point I found myself and my birds baffled.  It bugged me so much that I’d try it in bed after DB fell asleep and yes, I’m totally embarrassed to admit that.

Then the grandsons arrived.  The oldest is a 10-year-old chess playing, electronics-loving, piano-playing, math whiz whose eyes lasered onto that iPad before he got both feet in the door.

Since he was now well beyond any games already there, he convinced his granddad to add Plants & Dragons.  (After all, we figured, how violent can a game which shoots frozen green peas be?  Of course, that was before the President told Republicans to eat their peas and we witnessed first hand how green peas can stop Congress.)

Wanting to show off that I spoke the language, I proudly mentioned to Grandson that I had been playing Angry Birds, but was having difficulty with Level 12.  He paused from watering his flowers on Plants & Dragons and opened Angry Birds.

Using both hands to play (two hands? I never thought of that…) he tapped something and one bird morphed into three birds.  (WOW! You can do that?)

He pressed something else and a second bird became stronger and speedier.  (WOW! You can do that?)  

He zipped through Level 12 in less than a minute.  DB was polite enough not to smirk, but my stupefied look told him I didn’t know bird poop about those moves.  Grandson said that if I downloaded the pay version, there are about a hundred levels.  I told him I’d think about it.

It was no surprise when the  8-year-old made mincemeat of all 12 levels.  My ultimate humiliation came the next day when four-year-old grandson’s little fingers powered, morphed, and multiplied birds as he cruised through all the “Angwy Buds” barricades.

Right then and there I decided I was giving the bird to any more fancy game apps.  But hey, I still play word games.  Anybody else?

Grab a rock and join me for a game of Hangman.  There’s plenty of drawing space here on the cave walls.

Three birds.

12 thoughts on “Birds in my Belfry? Nevermore.

  1. Sharon Kauerz

    Haven’t tried Hangman, but Rick and I are addicted to the Scrabble game! And, I play Words with Friends with a friend…she from her phone, me from my iPad. You should play Scrabble with the grans. YOU would have an advantage they don’t have. And, it has nothing to do with electronics.

    1. I do play Words with Friends–the grandsons would bring the iPad to me when it was my move. Try the Hangman game–it’s played with Scrabble tiles. You’d like it.

      Don’t know that I want Dearly Beloved to play. When we used to play the board game Scrabble, he’d take up all the good spots with words like “if” and “an.”

  2. I learned how to play Angry Birds when my 6 year old grand daughter showed me how on her mom’s iPad. Everyone else played it on their iPhones or iTouches. I had no such toy. Then I got an iPad2 for my birthday. This past week-end at the cabin I unveiled my iPad, with a word game called Chicktionary. With no cell phone or internet coverage at their disposal for downloads, and a sudden addiction by the entire family to Chicktionary, my little iPad was passed from person to person all week-end long. It isn’t often that Grandma is on top of the tech heap!

  3. I play Words with Friends too on the iPhone.

    When I worked with kids regularly I made it my personal mission to keep alive the old school games where you actually have to manipulate 3-D objects and sit face-to-face (e.g., jax, marbles, and hangman).

  4. I have Angry Birds on my phone and on my tablet – so not only do I have to pass a level on one of them, I have to do it again on the other!

  5. lulu

    Holy moly, – no surprise that little grands know more than this grandma, but ya’ll make me feel even more archaic! Forget anwgry birds and chicktionary – that good old standby Hangman has gone E? The screen on my BB is so small, not sure I could even see a bird to shoot at it …. guess I better at least give it a ‘shot’, so to speak. 🙂

  6. Sadly I am electronic game illiterate. I still hang on to the type of games Lunar mentioned.
    I am impressed that you could compete, at least with the four year old. . I would have had to claim sprained fingers to save face.

  7. Not. Touching. It.

    It took me about eight years after the entire rest of the nation to get my first microwave. Tetris nearly owned me in the late eighties. I know my limits.

    Still…girl, I am so impressed with your tech chops! Now, cut that out.

  8. I think you get lots of credit for giving it your best shot…If kids had any respect these days they would at least let it look like they were making an effort to advance through those levels. I play pin-ball on a real pin ball machine. Its’ a game I can still beat my kid at–when it comes to flippers I rule.

  9. Julie

    Love Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Hanging Free (my favorite) and downloaded a new one to my iPad last night that is as you say, a “Crack cocaine addiction”, Cut the Rope. Haven’t tried Plants & Dragons, Hangman, or Chicktionary, but I will. 🙂

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