In Closing….

TNT is running a marathon of The Closer today, leading up to tonight’s premiere of its (sighhhh, sob…) final season.  While no one can replace it, at least some of the other cable networks have come through with a few shows to help us through the DT’s after the show finale.

Since Woman cannot live on NCIS reruns alone, I’m passing my favorites along to you.  Newspapers have all but omitted the daily TV listings, so consider this a public service.  I’ll deduct the cable bill from my taxes.

Check out Suits (USA)… The Glades (A&E)… Necessary Roughness (USA…)  In Plain Sight (USA)… Memphis Blues (TNT)…Rizzoli & Isles (TNT)… Covert Affairs (USA.)  These are my favorites because I can record them to have on hand while doing something else–knitting dozing, sewing, ironing….  Yes, I do iron, thank you.  Next year IS a leap year, you know.    

There are also some grittier shows like Southland (TNT) and The Killing (AMC.)

At least three of the shows I mentioned broadcast at 10 PM on Sunday nights and probably several others run opposite each other, too, so it’s not like I’m suggesting you spend the week on your butt in front of the TV.  That spot may already be taken.

Dearly Beloved shakes his head at my TV tastes, since his TV tastes are more refined:  sports.

Some of the shows I’ve listed rerun several times during the week (up at 3 AM?) or can be watched online.

Do you have any favorite gems I’ve overlooked?

Still, my friends and I will miss The Closer and its quirky characters, so, this one’s for you, “Brendah….”

PS.  How the heck does she do that?


24 thoughts on “In Closing….

  1. I am so GLAD you gave me the heads up on The Closer premiere tonight. I have a TON of ironing to do, so I will now Gladly set up the ironing board and start watching reruns…..

    1. When we lived in Chicago, my family looked great during baseball season because I ironed while watching afternoon Cubs games. Night baseball at Wrigley Field really took a toll on their personal appearance.

      You can knit and spin and watch the same time, can’t you?!

  2. So sad that it’s Closer’s last season and I’m really going to miss the entire cast. Like you, I’ve been scanning some of the new shows but so far, haven’t watched any that I’m falling in love with… damnit.

    Been watching a lot of movies on Netflix, for this very same reason.

  3. My favorite show is “RuPaul’s Drag Race” or “RuPaul’s Drag U” on the Logo channel we get from Directv. Honey, it is fierce! “If you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen?”

  4. Sharon Kauerz

    I like The Mentalist. And, it’s not only because he is so danged cute! I’m a suckah for good guys outsmarting the bad guys. One day he is gonna catch THE bad guy. LOVELOVELOVE NCIS. Not so hooked on NCIS LA. Maybe it’s a Mark Harmon thing?

  5. I like Anthony Bourdain, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert and the Cooking Channel. I have been trying to catch an episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding too. I think I have a pattern…. food, politics and trash reality TV.

    I know, I know you are thinking “Velva, these are not TV gems” (laugh).


  6. I could live on NCIS reruns, although after the third or fourth time of seeing them I look for something else. Here in Canada I particularly like the Murdoch Mysteries.

  7. I loved this and the best part is the gal performing looks like she is loving it. How does she do it? Not sure but I would say, “She got rhythm,,,”


    1. Now when your son expresses interest in being a musician, you can run through Wendy’s for an instrument!

      Actually, Dearly Beloved has already expressed an interest.

  8. I see I am among friends here. We have been NCIS junkies for a long time. But I was also a Closer fan. My husband–not so much. Until one day he watched one with me, and then another etc. We have since ordered all seasons on DVDs and spent our time watching all.
    We have decided it is the ensemble cast that makes the show such a success.
    If you like something British–I also recommend Prime Suspect. Helen Mirren is tops (as always) and you get to see her character age. She is not afraid of showing a character’s weaknesses.

  9. My daughter’s coming home for a while in August. Which means I’m going to have to pay for HBO just so she can keep up with True Blood. Crazed….
    I’m a food show addict. Hardly watch anything else except news. Or I do Netflix.

  10. The video is really amazing. I also love “The Closer” but must admit I don’t watch any of the others. I was really hooked on the HBO series “Rome,” but that has gone by the wayside. I also loved “Six Feet Under” and pull out the DVDs every now and then. I really should get NCIS on DVD and do some catch-up work. Several people have told me that I should watch it.

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