Tiny (Pole) Dancer

BroJoe sent two more insect photos last week.  This first one arrived about the same time that I received a Groupon offer for Pole Dancing classes.  My friend Beanie (another Groupon recipient) and I have exchanged e-mails discussing whether our flabby arms would be able to pull our weighted bottoms up a pole.  Words like “hoists” and “pulleys” come to mind. We’ve come to the conclusion that even if they added a Senior discount, we’d still be throwing money away.  We prefer to think of ourselves as not so much bottom-heavy as “firmly grounded.”

Nevertheless, the phrase “run it up the flagpole and see who salutes does send me into a fit of giggles.

Perhaps it was the Groupon offer that made me think of Pole Dancing when I saw BroJoe’s latest pictures.

BroJoe calls this next one Million Dollar Smile.  It looks as if it’s been dipped in gold.  If it’s pole dancing, this one has to be the star attraction.

Even after googling dragonflies, I can’t offer much in the way of helpful facts.  There were discussions about whether or not male dragonflies are called damselflies and about how fast they can fly.   Some said 35 mph with a cruising speed of about 10 mph, but one source said a dragonfly had been clocked at 60 mph.   That one must have had pole position.

They eat mosquitoes and that’s good enough to make them all gold in my book. Come on over to my house, Dragonflies.

The meals are on me.


9 thoughts on “Tiny (Pole) Dancer

  1. Katybeth

    These pictures are just wonderful! I get pole dancing Groupons, too but have never even considered it so you are further up the pole than I am!
    I agree the bottom one certainly has star quality.

  2. Brother Joe sure knows how to take a photo. Don’t think I have ever seen a golden one.
    Ridding your yard of mosquitoes is good; will they help with your pesky squirrels and red-headed woodpecker?

  3. Brother Joe is so talented. Those are wonderful shots and yes, I so see pole careers for those two though the gold costume is much more flashy. The first has a bit of an “Alien”

  4. I got a fit of giggles just thinking about ME trying to do pole dancing!!!! lol That’s too funny. Oh wow, your brother takes such stunning photos, they’re amazing. The only thing I remember reading about dragonflies is that they only live 24 hours. Makes you glad not to be a dragonfly!!!! xoxo

  5. Million Dollar Smile is stored for my next desktop wallpaper. Does BroJoe know about the Lytro camera yet? What does he think?

    Maybe what you need to get it hoisted up the flagpole is a good cause. Google: Pole Dancing For Jesus.

  6. You are wickedly witty!

    I recently had a phenomenal pole dance experience of my own. A new friend recently treated me to a spontaneous air pole dance. “Air” pole as in there was no pole, but she was swinging around it just the same. It was quite frankly the most amazing thing I’ve seen in awhile.

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