Catting Around

Our Charlotte neighborhood has an e-mail setup to notify neighbors of news of note… a prowler, a street closing for a race, or, most often, Lost & Found notices–usually a pet.  One night a couple of weeks ago, a resident reported that three strange Labs had showed up in her yard.  She said she’d keep the dogs on her porch.  By the next morning she was getting anxious as she still had the dogs and what exactly does a non-pet owner feed three large hungry animals?   Dogs and owner were reunited by mid-morning.

Here at the beach-house-on-the-beach, either no one ever loses a pet or they’re on their own if they do.  On the occasions that the late Howard Lee ever got out, we had only to open the back door of the station wagon and drive slowly up the street.  Each time, 130 pounds of eager-to-ride dog would leap in before we got to the corner.  That doesn’t work with Miss Piggy, who is too old, lazy, and short to take flying leaps.

We have a fenced back yard, but if there is even a hint of rain, Miss Piggy will not go out unaccompanied.  On those occasions, it’s easier to take her in front because there’s no wet deck to cover before reaching the grass.  BUT… there’s also no fence.

One recent misty morning, DB stood in his underwear and bedroom slippers at the open garage door, waiting for Miss Piggy to do her quick squat.  Instead, she bolted, in search of any nearby cat food.  Dearly Beloved’s raspy stage whispers to her were ignored.  Unwilling to yell and wake the neighborhood at 6 AM, he took his only other option and headed down the driveway,  still in his underwear and slippers.

At the same time, the garage door across the street raised and our nightgown-clad neighbor stepped out,  Miss Piggy following.  They walked down the driveway, Miss Piggy’s eyes never leaving the dog biscuit treat that Neighbor was holding by her side.  Neighbor and DB met between houses and the dog biscuit torch was passed.  They agreed they had to quit meeting like that, then turned to retrace their steps.  Miss Piggy followed the dog biscuit home and was soon happily munching on it in our kitchen.  DB returned to bed and was asleep within minutes, but only after waking me to relate the story.

Lost cats, I think, don’t get as much attention, as lost dogs.  Since some owners allow their cats to roam, people aren’t as apt to take note of a strange cat.  Even photos don’t help.

I can think of one very notable exception.

When Katmandu, an indoor cat in our Charlotte neighborhood, sneaked out in search of adventure, his frantic owner included two photos in her e-mail plea to the neighbors.  Katmandu  is a black and brown Bengal with distinctive markings, as are apparent in this picture.

Katmandu and Al

Appealing as the picture is, I don’t think this is the one that sent so many neighbors out in search of the missing feline.

Just guessing, mind you, but I’d bet it was this one:


The Katman is safely back home.  His owner reported that everybody was pleased, except Al, who puffed his tail and hissed at him.

(Thanks to HR, Katmandu’s owner, for sharing the photos and info about her wild, crazy kitties.)  


24 thoughts on “Catting Around

  1. There’s something wrong with me. I’ll tolerated all sorts of shenanigans in human offspring, but cats in the fridge? Nuh-uh. I’ve wondered, as the petless years pass, if my cat gene will suddenly kick in as it seems to do for so many elders. No signs of it yet; not even distinctive markings move me and I’m all about distinctions. Cat as fashion statement has some resonance.

    1. You’re right about the cat gene for elders. Our backyard here is a thoroughfare for about six cats, none of them ours. We don’t dare put up bird feeders.

      Cats as a fashion statement? Are you doing your Cruella imitation?

  2. Birdie

    I KNOW it was the second photo. I sent it on to dear daughter who lives with one excessively pampered cat. She later emailed to ask about whether the cat was found and confessed she had a dream (?nightmare) about Katmandu. No one approves of a cat in the refrigerator, but cats, like dogs, have their own ideas. Probably just making suggestions for dinner.

  3. The image of the underwear-clad neighbors is too funny. Perhaps DB should take a cookie out with him. Of course there is always the risk that Miss Piggy would refuse to leave the garage until she got the biscuit and then she would dash to the neighbor for another one.

    The Bengal is really impressive. Must be at least a fourth generation of domestication.

  4. Well thank you mam for a truly fun post. I got the giggles at DB in his skivies but totally cracked up at the cat. That is priceless. As David Frey , the Westminster Dog Show commentator likes to say, “animal owners consider pet hair a condiment.” We are very forgiving.

  5. What a gorgeous fellow! I wonder if he knows how to use the can opener too.

    DB should thank his lucky stars that the Google camera car wasn’t passing by like it did when he was taking out the trash cans!

  6. That is the coolest looking cat I’ve ever seen. I shudder to think what Patsy and a smart cat could accomplish together.
    It would seem that I am the only neighbor chasing her dog down in her jammies. (There was an episode of Teen Mortification when I had to run after the dog one morning as she followed the kids to the bus stop.) Can’t say I’ve ever run into any of my neighbors in his or her skivvies! Just imagining DB’s plight makes me chuckle- the whole transaction between DB, Miss P and the neighbor almost seems well rehearsed.

  7. I LOLed at “We have to quit meeting like this”. ^_^ You never know what went down in your quite suburban neighborhood 6 in the morning! And that Katmandu is breathtakingly gorgeous. He did not open the fridge door himself did he?

  8. Loved the kitty photos – Katman is truly gorgeous – but it is DB in his skivvies that would really light our fire!!:):) lololololol…… ;):):)

  9. angie

    As an owner of 18 cats I know they all have different ways …loving and other wise!!! …I have 2 that love it when the fridge door is left open for more than 15 seconds …but they do get told off …not that it makes any difference …cats will be cats. Loved the photos …such beautifil felines.

  10. Your usually meticulously dressed DB out in his undies and slippers trying to talk Miss. Piggy back into the house meets the nightgown clad neighbor…don’t you wish you were in shooting range with your camera?
    Great kitty pictures and so happy to here the lab pack is home where they belong!

  11. Aside from the truly gorgeous cat, I am totally impressed by the amount of fresh, wholesome foods in that super tidy fridge! Clearly your neighbors aren’t victimes of the “fast food” blight. Huzzah for them! Michele

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