Tied? Why knot?!

Same boat…

Different day...
Different deckhand.

9 thoughts on “Tied? Why knot?!

    1. Having picked up a few pointers from my Coast Guard hubby over the years, I’d have to disagree. When the line is coiled like the first pic, it is much easier to deal with in an emergency or when quick action is required. If the line is all jumbled up, it will tangle into a big messy knot and make it nearly impossible to work with.

      Think of it as how you’d take care of hair extensions—they’re attached to your head just fine, but would you brush them out every day or would you let them turn into a tangled blob? 🙂

      1. I hadn’t given a thought to an emergency. And you would think that being a knitter I would understand what a nightmare a knot can be. Much worse in a rope. Thanks for passing that along.

    2. You’re welcome—but I’m not anywhere near as neat as my husband would be when it comes to stuff like this. I figure I’m doing pretty good if I coil the garden hose up after I use it. I hold knitters in high esteem. I’ve tried knitting a couple of times and just end up wanting to commit “hara kiri” with the needles.

  1. You can’t help but admire Rope #1.

    Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog. I just finished reading Room before I started Little Bee. Both wonderful books. You can certainly recommend more good reads to me!

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