I Can’t Do A Thing With My Hare!

2011 is the Year of the Rabbit.

I knew it, but I never expected it to have such an impact around here.  The goings-on in my garden have been serious enough that the likes of Farmer MacGregor, Porky Pig, or Dick Cheney would have run out with both barrels blazing days ago.  Luckily for the rabbits, I don’t own a gun.

I can see how having a place on the Chinese zodiac could give them a sense of entitlement, but the rabbits around here have gone waaaay too far in their celebrating.

In the beginning, I sowed some lettuce seeds around the ivy topiaries…

And it was good.


He is not a dainty eater, is he?!

After the last of the lettuce– the Romaine–had been nibbled to a nub, shouldn’t Flopsy/Mopsy/Peter have moved on to the ripening tomatoes in our neighbor’s garden?  Of course they should!

But nooooooo….

When I went outside this morning, a heuchera plant was headless.   It had happened overnight.

 One of my roses had been munched.

Some of the lily stalks were nibbled naked.

The fearless culprit still hung around, watching me with an evil eye.

I mean that literally: an evil eye.

Let me show you what I mean.

Every photo I took this morning had the same freak anomaly.

I’d been hearing about these since I was a child, so recognition dawned at once, although until that moment I wasn’t even sure that they really existed.

Perhaps it occurs only in the year of the Rabbit.  I swear that I didn’t mess with this photo.

Believe me.  Here is a second photo.  On this one,  I tried the old red-eye removal option.  It didn’t work.

Proof positive…

A genuine, honest-to-gawd  HARE-Y EYEBALL!!

23 thoughts on “I Can’t Do A Thing With My Hare!

  1. Tammy

    I really do think you have evil rabbits at your house. But they are so darn cute other than the eyes. And they do need to eat. I had a rabbit years ago named Sassafrass. She was so neat. Played with my dog Oreo like she was a puppy. I never knew rabbits played like that. I guess we have been lucky no rabbits have come into our garden yet (we have a fence around it). Maybe you should put up a sign saying “NO RABBITS” with eyes like that I would think they could read. 🙂

  2. hee hee…What a Hairy evil critter with an evil hairier evil eye. OH and I did notice the evil one is carrying an accomplice on its back in that last photo…Hummm

    1. I shudder to think of it, but fear you’re right. Worse, still, is that the chipmunks are running around chasing each other like a bunch of golfers at a Myrtle Beach strip club.

  3. We’ve been seeing more coyotes this year, and fewer rabbits. I wish the coyotes would go after the squirrels but no such luck. Have you thought of knitting a little blue jacket for the bunny as a peace offering?

  4. I know where you can find a good recipe for rabbit stew, which would be really nice served with a crisp salad. That is, if you had any homegrown lettuce.

  5. Margie

    A rabbit got into my vegetable garden last year and ate everything. Absolutely everything. We thought it was the deer, until we caught the rabbit red-pawed with the goods…

  6. The bunnies, the squirrels, the birds….you don’t go to the window every morning throw open the sash and sing a happy little song out the window, do you? It sounds more like you are stomping around in your bathrobe muttering God know what under your breath….but I feel like I have to ask…Maybe you need a snake–the added benefit to a snake would be your grandsons joy….just saying.

    1. Uh huh. AS IF!! I notice you aren’t mentioning the fact that we have a DOG that should be patrolling. She ignores them COMPLETELY!

      You forgot chipmunks. It’s not my imagination. A friend visited last week and told me we had the most aggressive chipmunks she’d ever seen. They stood in the driveway and gave her handsigns as to where she should park.

      I do like the birds. Okay, not the cowbirds or the blackbirds or the grackles or the other aggressive ones, just because they’re such bullies and eat so much.

      No snake. Cougar, perhaps?

  7. That is just priceless. You do have the worlds cutest tormenteors. Really cute squirrels, now bunnies. That eye is a bit scary however. My bunny raider has a passion for onion greens and leaves everything else alone. Maybe you should plant some as a diversion.

  8. I’d love to say that my dog would chase them right out of the yard for you. I’d love to say that but, alas, I cannot. My dog laid in my yard and watched a squirrel climb a tree and eat my bird seed right from the feeder. She sighed and put her head back on the ground. No wonder the birds around here look so frail…

  9. What a NAUGHTY bunny. I can send Tristan and Sophie down there to take care of that little problem for you. They also dispense with groundhogs! 😉

  10. Leave it to you to have evil eyed hares in your garden! lol I’m wondering if it’s thedamnsquirrel that invited him over? He must have really thought he’d died and gone to heaven when he saw all that succulent feast in front of him. You need to let it know that your yard is not a “all you can eat” buffet! hehe xoxo

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