Why Did the Turtle Cross The Road?

Thanks to Katybeth, who keeps a running calendar of the odd and the  obscure, I learned that today is World Turtle Day.

Luckily, I have two turtle photos to mark the occasion.  I’d been wondering what the heck I was going to do with them, then…  along came Turtle Day.

A few days ago, BroJoe sent this one:

These critters fascinate me.  The zigzag eyes are interesting, but look at those nostrils.  They look like they were created by a couple of errant BB shots.

The bee on the shell is going to come away with an aching stinger.  Not even Viagra … !  Four hours just wouldn’t be enough.

BroJoe takes his pictures with a small Point&Shoot camera.  I’m imagining the position he had to be in to take this one.

On the other hand, our neighbor at the beach house-not-on-the-beach took this  picture of an intruder in our front yard there… this prehistoric-looking, snapping turtle.

Definitely not Pogo’s  Churchy LaFemme,  Bug’s Bunny turtle friend, Cecil, and certainly not  Yertle of Dr. Seuss fame.   Nope, I’m thinking this hombre could be Darth Ninja.

Doesn’t it give you the shivers?  Look at that rat-ish looking tail!  He looks about dinner plate size… but no thanks.  I’m on a turtle-free diet.

Brilliant neighbor was very wise not to take the picture from BroJoe position.

Note to Neighbor:

Here’s a video on how to help a snapping turtle cross the road.  Feel free to practice on the one in our yard.  Practice several times, preferably  to the county line. 

Oh, I almost forgot…

Why did the turtle cross the road?

To get to the Shell station.


23 thoughts on “Why Did the Turtle Cross The Road?

  1. What a fabulous coincidence!! Love the pictures. One of the facts I forgot to post that you might want to let BroJoe know about it is some land turtles can travel up to 35 miles per hour. . .just saying. I have s snapping turtle story and if I can post it today—your post will provide the perfect picture and videos. Life is so good.

  2. Birdie

    to get to the SHELL station?? ouch!
    I think Bro Joe’s turtle is most handsome and cool and collected to put up with having such a close up portrait made.

  3. The Shell station, now that is funny!

    This is great information and since we do have snapping turtles here, this will be great information to have in my brain. Seems we come across turtles and lizards that need saving on occasion, but I would not have known what to do with this kind. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey, thanks for this. I’ve had to move turtles off the road several times, but nothing that big or ornery! (He was starting to look a little grouchy toward the end of the demonstration “Alright, already! How many times do you have to drag me across the friggin’ road?”)

    When I’ve moved turtles, I usually pick them up on the sides of their shells like the guy was showing, but you still have to be careful because they’ll try to kick your hands and can scratch you with their claws. I rescued one from a fairly busy highway one time–it was almost in the middle of four lanes. I had to be sure I didn’t end up as roadkill myself—lol!

  5. When I was looking online for information, I saw a news video of a very large (think washtub size) snapping turtle and the man who found it was slinging it by its tail to show the camera person. He had been hauling it around in a wheelbarrow, so he’d obviously done so more than once. Poor turtle!

    It was local footage–taken just over the state line in South Carolina. (sigh)

  6. Omygoodness. That video! The sentimental synthesizer music and the bit about “deceptively long necks.” It made me giggle and it made my heart glad all at the same time. Thanks for sharing that!

  7. I’m not sayin’ that joke is old, but I suspect your grandsons might not know what a Shell station is.

    You knew, of course, that the Eastern Box Turtle is the official State reptile here in NC. [Just tryin’ to do my part in your ongoing education.]

    I always love BroJoe’s photographs.

    1. Didn’t know about NC’s box turtle, but did know (who knows why?) that the common snapper is the official reptile of New York. Hmm. I think I’ll look up Texas. That ought to be a doozy.

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  9. Iris

    Wow, that video is quite informative! They must have drugged that poor snapper because he was truly lethargic compared to the snapper who bit me in front of my kids two years ago. Maybe it’s time for me to write about that nightmare in honor of World Turtle Day!? Thanks!

  10. Turtles never look happy. They have an irritated, “I am better than you so get out of my way” look.
    I recently had to roll a snapper out of my yard to protect Mighty’s nose and paws. I tried the carry by the tail bit but they really can swivel that neck. He really put a hurt on the broom I was using but he decided my yard was not worth it. They have my respect.

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  12. Well, the video was great and really timely, since just two weeks ago I rescued a snapping turtle from the road. I did everything right except putting him on the wrong side of the road. Oops!

    Did you notice that is a Toronto Zoo video? I grew up in Toronto and spend many happy hours at that zoo. 🙂

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