Street Signs

I took the Inspiration Drive. . .

It took me to… no joke…   the loading dock of a supermarket.  Inspiration Drive.  Huh!  Why didn’t they simply name it Deadend Drive or Asshat Alley–for even bothering to name it?

That’s downright demoralizing.  It’s a shopping center, for pity’s sakes!

I turned around, went back to Destiny and took a different path…

Oh yeah… vacant weedy fields.  Who are they kidding?!   They should have gone with Vacant Vista or Landscaper’s Lane.  Maybe Weedy Way.

I nominate THESE people to be in charge of naming the streets.

Not to mention that they’d probably do something about those weedy fields while they were at it…!

18 thoughts on “Street Signs

  1. lulu

    Gawd, humor is grand, isn’t it??!! lololol…… love that last picture – and love you for bringing us so many laughs!! ;):)

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  3. True inspiration begins with good food?

    Loved the plant sign. Don’t you hate it when anything has the nerve to get in front of your, “perfect picture?”

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