Find Room!

When the New York Times ran its glowing book review of Room, I was unpersuaded.  Even after they selected it as one of their top ten books that year, I dragged my feet. When I heard the author, Emma Donoghue, interviewed by Diane Rehm on NPR last December, I became intrigued enough to at least put my name on the library waiting list.  I was still not sure I would read it… even though it had made the Man Booker 2010 shortlist.

When the library e-mailed me that the audio version of the book was waiting for me, I was 200 miles away and tempted to let it go on to the next person on the list, but my blogging friend, Mountain Woman, urged me to try it, adding that she, too, would never have read it had a friend not insisted she do so.  It was the nudge I needed… from someone I’ve never met personally.

I recommended it to KnitWitKim, another blogging friend, and even though we’ve never met either, she downloaded it onto her iPod at my recommendation and has been listening to it, every bit as entranced as I was.  I know that because she e-mails me about it, just as I did to Mountain Woman.

It’s difficult to tell much about the book without making it sound exactly what it isn’t, so I’m using my blogging friends as backup to encourage you to read the book.  Wander around the website and into Room.  Trust me that it is not a violent, sad, or depressing book.  It is an unforgettably sweet and tender one.

The book that stays with you, so you’ll probably want to talk about it with someone else who’s read it.  I’ll be here.

Reading the book will make you want to know more about the author and how the book came to be.  I’ll save you some trouble by giving you some links now.  Save them until your curiosity is piqued once you get into the book.  It will be.

I found the audio version to be extraordinary.  The voice on the website link I gave you is the narrator of the story.  That’s Jack… Ma’s JackerJack.

Even though I listened to every word, I still want to buy the book.  In Room, Shelf holds their special books.  I want this one on mine.


11 thoughts on “Find Room!

    1. If you download it to Kindle, read it and don’t use the voice feature. Especially for this book it is awful both in male and female voice. Entirely devoid of the expression in the book.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Merrily! It was the NPR piece on ROOM that convinced me to buy the book — but now I know I need to get the audio version as well. I think it was Mountainwoman that first told me how good the narrator is. Such an amazing book!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I will look forward to reading it while Cole is on the road! Perhaps we could meet back here for a “book meet up.” 🙂

  3. After finishing ROOM, I can state that it is both touching and inspiring. Something that stays with you, but not in a haunting way. I’ll listen again for sure. I’ve never read or listened to anything like it.

  4. Ok… I’m gonna go out on a limb and add it to my summer reading list. Perhaps it will be the first purchase for the Kindle I haven’t bought yet 😉

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