Something’s Buggin’ Me…!

When my BroJoe sent these pictures to me, I thought they were, just as he had labeled them, dragonflies.

On closer examination, I’m not so sure.  My baby brother may have found evidence of reincarnation.

Reimbodiment… or Reimbugament!

Exhibit A: 

Could it be…?


Even down to the freckles…!


Yep, bring out the candelabra, it’s HIM!

Hello, Theosophical Society…?

I spend money with reckless abandon. Last month I blew $5000 at a reincarnation. I got to thinking, what the hell, you only live once! 

— Ronnie Shakes

A:   Cao Cao,  The Romance of the Three Kingdoms

B.   Archie Andrews of Archie Comics

C.  Liberace


20 thoughts on “Something’s Buggin’ Me…!

  1. Oh my gosh, I think you’re right!!!!!

    I love them all, but Liberace is my favorite. Leave to you to uncover such irrefutable evidence.

    I love standing still and observing dragonflies closely, their little heads do remind me of little people. Fun post, my dear, made me smile.

    fyi, I can see Archie just fine.

  2. Yep, that’s Liberace and he’s pissed that they closed his museum in Las Vegas. Now we need to see a photo of what his brother, George, reincarnated into. He played the violin, so a cricket…maybe?

  3. About a year ago, you posted a dragonfly photo from BroJoe that immediately became my wallpaper. The “Liberace” pic. WHAT is that backdrop? That’s unbelievably beautiful.

    Tell me BroJoe is selling these. Tell me I can get a cut for no other reason than that I’m a nice person and a friend of yours.

    1. Don’t you think it’s the ground? I’ll ask him.

      I keep telling him he needs to do something with them. And yes, I will verify your niceness and your friendliness.

      The one that you mentioned from last year was one of my favorites– “Eyes,” BroJoe calls it.

  4. Tammy

    I think you are right. Oddly every time I am laying on my raft in the pool they land on me and just sit there. It doesn’t happen to anyone else in the pool just me. Not sure what this means….

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