Down the Garden Path

Last weekend I went on a garden tour.  By myself, so that I could go at my own pace.

That was before I realized that every single garden had at least one water feature that gurgled, babbled, or dripped… which, of course, made me remember that Ms. Bladder had come along, too.  I spread the tours over two days at her insistence.

The gardens weren’t exactly a mecca of new plants; ferns, hostas, and roses for the most part.  A couple of them had been professionally landscaped, but most were done over time by the homeowners.  Those are always my favorite kind because they’re the best sources for getting ideas, but this time, they all tended to look the same.

Some of the things that made them memorable weren’t plants at all.

Behind two of the houses, both of which looked like typical brick homes built in the 50’s, were cute outbuildings:  one a storage shed and the other a party room.

It’s hard to believe this is a storage shed, isn’t it.

Gardening shed. John Deere must receive mail here.

There were double doors on the side so that they could drive out the old riding lawnmower.

The second garden had this outbuilding that was perfect for a retreat or a par-tay!  The rest of the photos in this post were taken at this second garden.

Cute retreat!

Here’s what was in the little party building–a sitting area at one end, a kitchen area at the other.


‘                ‘                 ‘               ‘                     ‘                 ‘                  ‘                ‘                ‘

The house is a favorite hangout spot for all the neighbors, according to one of the neighbors who was, at that moment, hanging out there. Neighborhood children played in the hammock and ran around the yard.

What the little house outback didn’t have was a bathroom.  No outhouse behind the outhouse.  It was, however, surrounded by pee gravel.  You don’t suppose…?  Nah.  I know it’s really p-e-a.

That grassy island in front of the bench must be a spot to remove the pea gravel from the shoes or between the toes.

I’m not sure what that is over the little glass table–cloche?  rattan umbrella?  bug zapper?

The doors on the little house in back mimicked the doors on the back of the main house.

Back of main house.

Curious about the inside of the main house?  The traffic pattern for the tour took visitors up the front walk and porch, through this lovely room, to get to the back garden, then exiting via the driveway.   That’s how I was able to take this photo, looking into a mirror.

Here’s the  front porch, which was pretty special, too.

One end of porch, near front door.
Clever screening idea.

.                        .                         .                        .                  .                     .                          .                          .                      .                      .                        .                             .                        .                        .                          .                             .                  .                    .

Since I have presented the entire garden sequence backassward,  I may as well end with a picture of the front walk and the first gurgling water feature I encountered.

I’ll share pictures from some of the other gardens on another post.   But will I go on other tours?  I dunno.



9 thoughts on “Down the Garden Path

  1. Wow, really beautiful. It must be nice to have all that greenery and not have to worry that the deer would consider it one big smorgasbord. We have to put wire cages around young trees and spray foul smelling repellent on everything else. Sometimes the deer will lop off the top of a flowering plant just to sample it and then spit it out. *Sigh*

  2. I loved those little shed/houses. When my garden club had its tour, the hosts had to let the public use their bathrooms. You should have asked. Might want to check into those special astronaut diapers like that crazy lady astronaut used to drive from Texas to Florida with no pee breaks.

  3. I like it that nothing looks overwhelmingly, intimidatingly huge, but just perfect. I wish I had that knack. Next house: must use bolder (but also cozy/warm) colors. And I don’t understand pea gravel except as a depository and natural storage area for Round Up.

    p.s. There are lots and lots of potties at Brookgreen; come on down!

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