Just Desserts

Dearly Beloved took me out for Mother’s Day lunch.

It was a buffet.  A very fancy buffet.  The problem with fancy buffets is that I feel I must eat enough to justify the price.  Being of  English ancestry, I pay for it in pounds.

Dearly Beloved eats like Jack Spratt, no matter where he is.  No fat.   After salads and a main course plate that would make Dr. Weill nod approvingly, he sat back contentedly, ready to leave.

There was an entire room filled with desserts.  No way could I leave without having dessert.   Call me Mrs. Spratt.


Strawberry-rhubarb tart, Crème brûlée. tiramisu

Even so, I passed an assortment cheesecakes, pies, tarts, triple chocolate cakes, cookies, truffles, and other tempting morsels.  I realized after I returned to our table that I hadn’t selected anything chocolate.   Dang!


That's IT??? Two blackberries and a cookie?

WAIT!  That’s not just a regular old cookie, is it?  That’s a brownie cookie with an oozing chocolate center.   I missed those.

Mind if I have a bite?


13 thoughts on “Just Desserts

  1. I would have done the same thing.. and justified it by eating all the desserts that I can’t make at home. Happy Mother’s Day

  2. Oooh, lovely! But my hubby wouldn’t even have had the cookie—or the two blackberries. His digestive system can’t tolerate fat at all (or berries)—making him the Sprattiest. Me? I would have Hoovered up the dessert cart.

  3. Your dessert plate looks just like mine looks when I go out for a buffet, even if I’m stuffed solid with the main course. My saying has always been….”there’s always room for dessert”!!! lol I just don’t understand people who go for buffet and eat lots of salads and fruits…I mean, how fun is that??? Happy Mother’s Day, a day late:-) xoxo

  4. Not sure if his appetite and control would inspire me or irritate the crap out of me. Geeeze. I agree with Katybeth, as a present to you, he should have piled his plate high.

  5. I’m with you on the buffet thing. But, I think I would have STARTED in the dessert room! And entire room for desserts is heaven in a restaurant!

  6. I’m totally with you. I always feel cheated because the buffet is so expensive and one can eat only so much. I tend to gravitate to the dessert table and sample all those lovely things I could never make. Forget the eggs, gimme cake.

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