Odd Duck Walking

Although my walks consist of strolling behind Miss Piggy, toting a plastic bag to pick up her deposits, some of my neighbors take their exercise quite seriously.  As I gather Miss P’s Trail of Turds, I nod or smile at those I pass. Yet by the time I return to the house, I remember little, if anything, about them.  Naturally, there are a few notable exceptions.  Odd ducks, if you will.

For at least ten years, at the beach-house-not-on-the-beach, we’ve noticed one woman who walks almost every morning.  She strides confidently, toes turned  outward in a brisk duck walk, and swings  her arms vigorously in an exaggerated side-to-side motion.  It is not simply her walk, but her clothing as well,  that makes her memorable.  Same moves… same outfit…  all these years.  Even in the dog days of August, she wears an airy, long-sleeved white turtleneck, navy pants, white cotton gloves, and a pith helmet.  In winter, she simply adds more layers.

A couple of odd ducks are exactly that: odd ducks. Muscovy ducks, I believe.  They hang out at the retention pond beside the neighborhood library, but sometimes they wander over to sit by the front door of the library in the shade of the wisteria arbor.

There is one other pair of odd ducks–metaphorically, this time–who walk regularly in our neighborhood.  Since they live in a section of the neighborhood quite far from our street,  I generally encounter them when I’m in the  car.  That, in part at least, explains the poor quality of the only stealth photo I have to offer.  It’s not like I can drive up and say, “You look a bit unusual.  Mind if I take your picture?”   

Still,  it makes me chuckle to imagine what their morning ritual must be:

She gives him the finger. . .  and off they go…!

15 thoughts on “Odd Duck Walking

  1. Gives him the finger…you are always SO funny!

    Yes, those are Muscovy ducks, we have them everywhere in my neck of the woods. They are odd looking, but they aren’t as skittish as the other ducks in the neighborhood. I think they actually enjoying having their picture taken and will let you get quite close.

    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for picking up the poop!

  2. White gloves and a pith helmet? she must be related to that lady I saw at the gym on the treadmill wearing the turtleneck,dress slacks and big Jackie-O sunglasses.
    In all fairness, if I had a pith helmet, I’d wear it every chance I could.

  3. What interesting characters! We have Muscovy ducks around here, too. They’re very friendly, but I always get nervous when I see them trying to cross a busy street. Great “stealth photo” of the woman with the bird. Such a pretty spot!

  4. I am so relieved you were not attacked by a duck.Taking the photo out the window was wise.
    Your neighbor? Ask your DB to accept a snooping mission…. She has a story and we need to hear it…

  5. You did it again. I got totally caught up in the image of the woman wearing a pith helmet. Couldn’t concentrate on another word. But you can be sure I’ll come back for the rest.

  6. I would have to find out the pith helmet lady’s story. Just my curious nature.
    As for the bird lady, does she also carry plastic bags? Maybe the bird just poops in her hand to save pick ups.

  7. The duck-walk lady: I was just about to explain the fine art of race walking when you got to the gloves. Nope, no gloves required in race walking. No pith helmet, either. I’m at a loss. And the cockatoo is a stretch, too. Does it poop on those walks?

    Do you have some sort of strangeness vortex that whirls around you? I don’t mean it belongs to you, but just that it sort of…um, gravitates to you. No, wait, vortices don’t gravitate. I can’t find my way out of this question.

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