Bird Brained!

A couple of days ago,  I was sitting in the back yard reading a book when a bird flew so close that I felt the flutter of  small wings before  it landed in the Serviceberry bush beside me.  I didn’t want to turn my head, lest I frighten it, but I thought I saw a pink breast on the small bird.  There was a rustle in the bush before it flew to a branch of the hickory tree just overhead.  Again, just a glimpse…  was that a hint of blue wing?  A bluebird?!  Had I been that close to a bluebird?

Before I could turn my attention back to the book in my lap, the bird fluttered down again, this time so near that feathers brushed against my back.  I froze, hoping it might  fly in front of me.

It didn’t.  It repeated his actions, landing in the Serviceberry, then back to the hickory branch above me and then again, almost immediately, it came back to cozy up to me in the Serviceberry,  inches away from where I sat.  I was still unable to see it without turning my head and scaring it away, but I could hear the rustle of the leaves.

Another fluttering sound as the bird left the Serviceberry but this time, instead of flying up into the hickory tree, it hovered just behind me, flapping it wings before lighting… on my head!

I sat rooted to the spot, mulling over my options.  It was fascinating, but a bit creepy,  having a bird hop around on my head.  As a child, I had a parakeet that did the same thing, so I remained calm.   After all, what was the worst thing that could happen?  Bird poop in my hair?  Been there.

The bird hopped around up there, then I felt the a small peck. What was it doing?  The small peck was followed by a series of harder ones that sent rat-ta-tat-tats of pain into my scalp.   OUCH!  The little bastard was pulling out my hair!

Screw nature!  That HURT!  I jumped up and ran inside.

When I was spreading mulch in the front flower bed yesterday morning, keeping an eye out for nesting birds,  I heard a booming hammer noise.  I looked around for a construction truck.  Nothing.   More jackhammering.  I followed the sound with my eyes.  On my neighbor’s roof,  a large pileated woodpecker was dismantling it with his beak.  That sucker was huge!   Woody Woodpecker on steroids.

Holy crap, suppose Woody and Winnie Woodpecker have plans to build in the area…?   My scalp prickled at the thought.  What do woodpeckers use to build their nests?  With beaks like that, they could build a log cabin.  But suppose they want a hair mattress?

Just to be on the safe side, I’m wearing a hat whenever I’m outside now.  My old straw hat hardly seems adequate after seeing that woodpecker make sawdust of a shingle.  Luckily, I have a sturdier, more fashionable hat at hand.

NOW… here is an enchanting video or some nesting robins and it looks like no humans were harmed in the making of this nest, although it didn’t do much for the hanging basket.    Fred Margulies, a video producer living in upstate New York,  made this delightful video thinking it would be viewed by  family and friends.  So far, almost 1,100,000 people have viewed  it.  If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.


29 thoughts on “Bird Brained!

  1. Linda

    Love the hat!!! Birds on my head would definitely drive me, screaming, into the house! Guess he just loved the color of your hair, lovey.

  2. Ack! Birds freak me out! I had one poop on my head twice in the same day as a kid–trauma! I can’t believe that sucker pulled your hair out.

    We don’t have woodpeckers here, but we have flickers. They rat-a-tat on the steel gutters. So annoying.

    1. @Kitchenwitch—
      Birds twice in one day for you? Its a sign one of the girls is going to find a baby bird–cup in her hands and bring it home to mama. Let me know when it happens–I was the daughter of a bird watcher–I can help.

  3. Oh Merrily! You just cracked me up with your Royal Bike Helmet! It would be such fun to have you living next door. I’ve never seen a Pileated Woodpecker. I WANT to see a Pileated Woodpecker. For years. I may have to start a bucket list and put that on it.
    I wonder if that Bluebird was checking out your pretty hair during all those trips to the serviceberry bush and finally got up the nerve to go for it!

  4. Birdie

    As a bird watcher, (which is why of course you gave me my nickname) all I can say is WOW!! I loved every second of the video. Have you watched the serviceberry to see if it is a bluebird?? I would be surprised since they are so very shy; now a wren I would believe. I have held a hummingbird that I rescued from our garage to take it outside to release. THAT was incredible. But Merrily, I do think your headgear will scare away any of the smaller nesting in trees birds. You DO know pileateds excavate a hole in a “snag” (dead tree left upright for that reason) to next in.

  5. Reminds me of the old Dick Van Dyke show when a bird attacked little Richie for his hair. Too funny. Perhaps when you are brushing Miss Piggy you can save the dog hair and put it out for the birds. I think all the nests in our woods are lined with Golden Retriever hair. Of course, so is our house.

  6. OH NO!! I really think you need to paint whiskers on your face to be on the safe side. A bird landed on your head!! Ok-I would carry a fly swatter as well. A woodpecker on Steroids?? Tuck a sling shot in waist. First the squirrels and now THE BIRDS!!! Grab Miss Piggy and DB AND RUN. (I always grab in that order–pups first)

  7. First of all, you are soooo much braver than me. If a bird was even that close to me, I’d be out of there. Secondly, your hat reminds me of Fergie’s daughters’ hats. Maybe that’s the look you were going for? Thirdly, thanks for sending the link for the robin’s nest. I loved it!!

  8. Sharon Kauerz

    I could do a blond joke, but I won’t. This was funny enough without going there! Glad you got to share the robin video. I thought the end was typical…Mom out working to bring home dinner and, well, everybody made plans and left without telling her!

  9. I was reading along with awe and wonder at the marvelous close encounter you were having then I started laughing till the tears came when he started pulling you hair out. That is just too funny.
    Keep that hat on, those pileated woodpeckers could cause brain damage.
    All my hanging coco baskets are in shreds from the nest builders. Ain’t nature grand.

  10. Now that’s a hat ready for the next royal wedding! LOL! It will definitely keep the birds out of your hair 🙂

    I loved the video! All those hungry mouths to feed and then one day they flew away and left Momma with the empty nest syndrome…sigh!

  11. We often get buzzed by fighting hummingbirds while sitting on the porch at my in-law’s cabin. Can’t say as they’ve ever landed in my hair but they truly adore buzzing my dog as she takes a restful summer snooze on the porch. I watch them perch in the pine tree, making their plan. They buzz her close enough to touch her nose. Then, I swear, they land in the same pine tree and laugh hysterically. I laugh along with them. After all, it’s not MY nose 😉

  12. OMGosh, you are so funny, just like Arkansas Patti suggested! I feel bad that the bluebird took unfair advantage of your hospitality though. I don’t see how to follow you, but I’m adding you to my blog roll under “Humor” so that others can stop by to visit you and see what’s up.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  13. Just came over from Arkansas Patti’s.
    Loved your story! When our kids were younger, I’d wait out front for their school bus. During spring time, I’d have to hold up an umbrella to keep the blue jays from attacking out heads! It’s like they sat up in the trees and waited for the bus to pull up!

    Loved the video. Typical kids huh? They could have left a note!

  14. Well, that was a first viewing for me. I am a slow-top.
    Such a funny post. You must have been sitting so very still. Imagine your head gear was rather like a scarecrow. 🙂
    On my morning walk I notice birds can become quite vicious in the spring. I’ve had them attack, making really loud screeching noises. You’re lucky all they wanted was hair! 🙂

  15. Dar

    OMGLMAO sorry, not funny but funny stuff! My hubby would have freaked out if a bird of any size landed on his head. I guess his fear came from a mean bantam rooster putting the run on him when he was a kid. Poor guy never got over it.
    I’ve seen the birds pick up hair and dryer lint for nest material, but never right out of the skull…ouch. As for the pileated boy, now they can do some major damage. We have a few trees ready to topple with their help and the bugs they’re after.
    Thanks for making my morning.
    BlessYourHeart……..come on over and visit……looking forward to hearing from you.

  16. I’m picturing the look on your face when you figured out what was going on — and imagining the disappointment of the poor bird when her treasure trove of building materials was taken away!!!!!!

    LOVED the video, in fact, loved it so much I got the embed code to use for my Mother’s Day post. That has to be the best bird video I’ve ever seen. Through rain and shine, she took care of her little fledglings. Loved when she stopped and listened to the plane and wondered what she thought when she returned home with that juicy worm, only to find the kids were gone! Loved it!!!!

  17. angie

    An amazing video …. I kept going ‘ahhhhh’. As for that hat …does it not resemble that of the wedding hat of Prince Williams cousin….it really does lol.

  18. I’ve seen a chickadee pull hair off our old sleeping English Setter, and I’d heard they do it to humans, but hadn’t seen it before. LUcky you!

    Loove the robin video. I did a photo version of that a few years back when robins nested in my hanging pot of pansies!

  19. Hee hee…I had a hummingbird do that once..:) Your helmet cracks me up.. I couldnt figure out what the decoration was… a hoop for the birds to go thru? maybe you should put some seed on top.

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