BroJoe’s Birthday

Today is my BroJoe’s birthday.  The Big 5-0.

It’s about damn time.

Hard to describe my brother.  If you put an Eagle Scout, George  (It’s A Wonderful Life) Bailey, and Peter Pan into a blender, toss in a few nuts (that’s the genetic part), pour the resulting mixture into a very tall mold, and then half-bake it under the Outer Banks sun, that would be a good beginning.

He treks through woods and swamps and takes fascinating nature pictures.  I’ve used some of them in earlier posts.

Since he’s up and out before dawn almost every day,  he even shares the sunrise:

The photos show his respect for nature and his talent, but perhaps this snapshot reveals more about who BroJoe really is, even though he isn’t in it.

He calls this one, Guess Which Bike Is Mine.

Happy Birthday, Joe!!!   


9 thoughts on “BroJoe’s Birthday

  1. Birdie

    Happy Birthday indeed to a mere youth from one of your many fans. There has to be a lovely book in all those photos !

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