Mature and Merrily Meet

We did it!

Nance of Mature Landscaping and I have been talking about meeting for months.  We are, after all, only one state line away from each other.

Nance is the ambassador of bloghood.  She–and sometimes Mr. Mature– have met a number of bloggers.  I, on the other hand, sit around the house and curse the damnsquirrels.

Yeah, I know.  Pimp my life, huh?

IT WAS DELIGHTFUL!  SHE is delightful!!!  It was a 2 1/2 hour lunch.   Conversation between AARP card-carrying friends  is an action game, since it takes both of us to fill in the missing word or name when the teller suddenly goes blank.  Post menopausal charades.

Our journeys were not without adventures.  She, phobic about driving in rain because it doesn’t take much to flood coastal roads, had to drive through a sudden rainstorm.  My journey was storm-free, but traumatic, nonetheless.  On the way home, when I finally scratched an irritation on my right breast, it felt like a mole.  Only I don’t have a mole there.  I went digging inside my bra and came out with a tick, its legs waving in protest.

Disposing of a tick with one hand in a moving car is not as simple as you might think.  But at 60 mph, at least no one heard me screaming.

I have no idea how I happened to be wearing a tick.

Nance and I asked the waitress to take a picture, so we squeezed close together on the bench.  You can tell by my face that I needed to scratch.

I guess Nance was lucky I didn’t have fleas.

Ms Mature and Ms Merrily

22 thoughts on “Mature and Merrily Meet

  1. This must just be my week for ewwwwwing. A blogger with a tick and a kid with a boil in his ear. Let me out of here! (Of-course it’s all about me!).

    The picture is great and I am glad you rid yourself of your itch.

  2. I swear, I think you picked your hitchhiker up at the roadside fruit and vegetable stand. Do ticks have genders? This one had to be a male. Those vine-ripened strawberries were our dessert last night and I’ve never had better. Thank you! Next time, it’s Bald Head Island with DB and DH in tow. And a couple of Dudeist icons.

    1. The produce stand was a building– cement floors, walls, and indoor plumbing. I don’t know where this sucker hitched a ride.

      Have your completed your application yet? I’ll continue my position as Goddess-at-Large.

  3. Meeting blogging friends in person is the BEST! The conversation always flows so easily, we already know so much about the other from being blog buddies. I’ve learned you have to schedule two hours at the bare minimum and leave time to discuss the next get-together!

    Sorry about the tick, but at least it left us laughing!

    On Saturday, I’m taking two of my friends that I met through blogging, to meet another friend I met through blogging AND another blogger I’ve never met is coming from the other coast to meet us. Five women means serious shopping and eating!

    1. I am certainly giving it a lot of thought. It was firmly attached and I just yanked, hit the window button, and threw it, hoping a tractor trailer truck would hit him.

      Gives new–and gross–meaning to breastfeeding. Ugh.

  4. lulu

    What a great picture!:) Unfortunately, the picture of you driving down the road digging in your bra, hauling out a damntick is a visual that shall live in infamy!!:) lololololol…… just sooooooooooooo glad it hadn’t latched on to your right one – big owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

    1. Girlfriend, it latched and attached and was holding so tightly I was afraid it was going to pull my boob right out of my bra and hit myself in the chin when I yanked.

      Oops. TMI.

  5. I’m hoping to step up this summer and meet a good blogger friend for the first time in person. She, too, lives only a state away and I drive through her area all the time. I can hardly wait!
    So sorry about the tick on the boob! Insane! I’m certain I would have crashed my car. Good for you for continuing to head down your path!!!

  6. Isn’t it wonderful to meet your blogger friends? Awesome. No doubt the squirrels went to town while you were away. Looks like the ticks may hitching a ride home with you…

  7. This is such a cute photo and neither of you look in the AARP category. Watch out for a ring shaped rash if that tick bit you, or flu like symptoms. Get antibiotics if either occur. Oh –and stop leaving your bra outside for ticks to hide

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