Expect the Unexpected in the Garden

Remember daughter Boo. . . she of the bottle tree and garden whimsy?

Her Indiana garden may still have frost warnings, but her creativity never stops blooming.

When she visited last month, she surprised me with something she’d made for my garden.

What IS it, you ask?

Garden art.  I call it Pretty Garden Thing My Daughter Made for Me!

I love the way it sparkles in the sun.  That little heart on top is my favorite part.

Speaking of pretty things in the garden, I enjoy moving plants around to create little color vignettes, like this iris and rose.


The purple pansies in the white pot on the left don’t match,  but I didn’t have the heart to move the pot.  Last fall I bought a half flat of pitiful pansies on a clearance rack–a mercy mission–and planted them in three hanging baskets around the garden.  The ungrateful things look as spindly now as they did when I bought them.  I had three or four leftover pansy plants, so I stuck in an old white plastic pot around the small conifer which is biding its time there  until I decide where to plant it.    I expected nothing; I just hated to throw them on the compost heap.

LOOK at them…!  YOWSAH!   The other side of the pot is just as glorious.

Now THAT’S gratitude!

Speaking of garden love… and gratitude…  I fell in love with these wind chimes in the mountain garden I visited last fall.

The trees were huge, as were the wind chimes, but the sound was clear and melodious. not the least bit loud or clanging.


When my friends came last month–my special knitting/reading/e-mail friends–to spend a few days here, they came bearing wine, Diet Coke, snacks, and Beanie’s wonderful turkey chili.  They also brought a large, beautifully wrapped box containing… be still, my heart!… a set of wind chimes!

I LOVE them!

Yes (ahem) they’re hanging inside the screened porch.  They will eventually hang outside, but I’m in no hurry for DB to get back on a ladder.   Miss Piggy, our somewhat neurotic cocker spaniel who is afraid of thunder, lightning, wind, and the dark, appears comforted by the sound,  thus spending less time hiding amid the shoes in my closet.  An unexpected bonus!

You don’t suppose that squirrels have a fear of wind chimes, do you?  I want to plant some tomatoes, but last year the damnsquirrels ate them all.

Maybe the Pretty Garden Thing is, as an added bonus, a Solar Squirrel Repeller.


19 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected in the Garden

  1. lulu

    Wow! Boo is soooooooooooooo talented – how ever did she do that! I love the heart on top, too!! Your pansies are gorgeous – all the more so with the backstory of your mercy mission – bet you do that a lot, don’t you?:):) Your garden is full of such glorious color!! So happy that Bonnie likes the chimes!!:):) 😉

  2. I love your pretty little garden thing! And I also love the mix of flowers. We have some buoy bells hanging in the trees. Since they are below the canopy, we hear them only with really high winds. I love the melodious sounds of good wind chimes.

  3. I can’t believe how much your flowers are blooming, I haven’t even gotten tulips blossoming yet! lol It was snowing all morning here so I doubt very much anything wants to bloom at the moment. My Irises, Lilies, Roses, etc, won’t bloom until at least the end of May, early June. Love what your daughter made for your garden, it’s gorgeous:-) Also love the chimes!! xoxo

    1. You probably don’t want to hear that it was 85 here today. If it helps, the pollen was terrible.

      It’s not all paradise here. We can’t grow delphiniums.

      My sympathies about your weather. And thanks for the nice words about my pretties!

  4. Your garden is lovely. And the Pretty Garden Thing is GORGEOUS. As is Boo’s garden when I took a peek at that post you linked to. A very creative artistic daughter you have. Any sign of that columbine? Shall I save you some more seeds? That is, if it ever gets warm enough for the columbine to bloom. 43 degrees here this afternoon, and grey and damp.I’m wearing wool socks and I am tempted to start a fire in the fireplace!

    1. I haven’t seen any sign of them, but then again, they’ll have to wave in my face because I forget where I plant things. I have a really lovely pink one. Do you want some “girl” seeds?

    1. Oh, from your comment to the squirrel’s black heart! Beelzebub and his minions torment me and my garden and commit armed robbery when it comes to the bird feeders.

  5. Your daughter’s creation is amazing. She is very talented. Tell her she’s welcome to hop over to Ohio anytime and leave a little something special in my front flower bed 😉

    Lovin’ your garden and all the colors. Mine has green here – that’s a step up from the brown it’s been all winter. The poor, sweet flowers that were silly enough to pop their little blossoms out this past weekend regretted it after the snow we got on Monday!

  6. How how lovely! The garden art has such nice bling! The colors so vibrant. Is that in real time?
    Spring is still only about 44% installed in Chicago and keeps stalling with the dreaded 404 message that claims that the season can not be found,

  7. Really like that “pretty garden thing”. Almost looks like champagne should be cascading over it.
    You know those windchimes might be squirrel chasers. I have the chimes and not one squirrel. Good luck.

  8. What a pretty garden! I agree with Arkansas Patti—either champagne or chocolate!

    My hubby always rescues plants from what we call the “hospital” section of our local home store’s nursery. The plants are, indeed, grateful.

  9. I have two friends who own the most wonderful B&B in Dunedin, Florida. The have a “glass” garden area that is so unique, but I think I need to make them one of those Pretty Garden Things to add to the yard. They’ll love it!

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