Camp Granddad, Session I

Whenever the grandsons visit, Dearly Beloved is non-stop in doing things with them.  Camp Granddad opens as soon as they arrive.  They play golf and basketball, ride bikes, and go on adventures.  DB always has a few projects in mind to work on with them, too.  Life skills, he calls them.  Like car washing.

Here is Soccer Boy receiving his certification in Equipment 101, Pressure Washing.

Carwashing uniform not standard issue.

This is the same grandson who, several years ago, announced that he was changing his name.  He wanted it to reflect the things he loved most and yes, he was quite serious.

Although I refer to him here as Soccer Boy, that is not his chosen name.  Meet Car Spaghetti.

During a previous visit,  Car mastered Equipment 101–Leaf Blower.

How does one dunk with this thing?

Basketball games are a popular part of Camp Granddad.  They’ve become quite adept at the teardrop shot, three-point shots, and choosing the simplest lay-up shot available. (Hear that, Butler…Duke… Davidson?)

So what was left?  This year they mastered one they invented themselves.

They called it The Deck Shot.

At least four points, don't you think?

I’m suggesting a couple of courses myself, perhaps for the Camp Director.  Deck Shot misses go directly into my prized bed of Lenten roses, wood poppies, miniature irises, false Solomon’s Seal, and yes, even a Trillium.

(All that brown stuff is oak catkins.  You may find your eyes watering just from looking at the photo.)

Choose one elective from this list:

Advanced garden repair.

Basketball goal moving.


20 thoughts on “Camp Granddad, Session I

  1. Birdie

    Oh how I would love for DB to teach a granddaughter to shoot the four point deck shot! Maybe we could send Beanie’s granddaughter for lessons when she is older. and, er, I wouldn’t mind trying that AFTER the garden is moved of course.

  2. No doubt the grandsons love coming over to visit and getting to play with all that neat stuff….until they realize it’s actually WORK! lol Oh yes, the basketball hoop definitely has to be moved, can’t have the ball crushing those wonderful flowers. My faerie garden is around a tree like that and when the neighbours’ kids play ball, it always seems to land in that garden…I need a 10 foot high fence!!!! xoxo

  3. With his life skills, DB can surely figure out a way to siphon the water from the base and move the hoop. Of course, it would be a shame to lose the deck shot which BTW should be worth far more than 4 points. I think DB is a five-star grandpa!

  4. lulu

    Wish I’d had a Camp Grandad to attend when I was growing up! 🙂 That tree behind the goal post looks like it’s gonna block any shot heading that way – what a great tree!!:) Do the campers know the new rules for the next session!?:):) – oh, I think the suggestion of ironing 101 is a great one!!!;):) What a wonderful time you guys must have!!!!:):)

  5. My FIL is all about hanging with the grandkids. He takes them on adventure after adventure in the woods. Lord knows what they do out there. A rite of passage for any young boy. Way to go DB for creating that relationship!

  6. Awesome. This makes me miss my dad. He wouldn’t have been playing basketball with my kids, but he sure had a lot of important stuff he could teach them. I am happy that DB and your grandsons are making so many GOOD memories.

  7. I’ve told you before that I’m amazed at the life skills your mom has passed on to you all. Martha Stewart could learn from you! I’m betting your dad’s lessons are being passed on to his grandchildren through you and your sisters.

  8. Such Fun!!!! My dad is a complete different man around Cole than the one I grew up with… Cole and my dad have such fun. And like I suspect is true in your house—its more the time spent together than the money spent in my parents house. Fixing sprinkler heads, learning about a swamp cooler (are they really on the roof together?), and heading to the I-Max followed by fast food. And of-course endlessly arguing about which is better the I-phone navigation app or a map. It doesn’t matter they are both always hopelessly lost in more ways than one. The grandson’s will remember -I think one of the best think parents can do–is throw out their rules about parenting–and let the grandparents rock and roll… Golf!

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