Finally, FOUR!

Our Indianapolis daughter and her two boys spent the week with us.  Pure JOY!!!

The guys are basketball nuts in general and Butler nuts in particular.  The suitcases they brought along were barely touched because their attire consisted mostly of this:

And this one, worn with Butler socks which had to be confiscated and laundered while the wearer slept.

They brought Granddad a Final Four hat, but it was too small for his noggin, perhaps a bit swelled after his heady triumph over the twimbs.  He resorted to his old standby:

Wait, there’s more.

Younger Brother’s shoes were autographed by the Butler basketball team and coaching staff:

Feel free to use them as a program when you’re watching.  Rub the shoe on your computer screen for luck.

Nothing left to say except. . .



17 thoughts on “Finally, FOUR!

    1. See there? You’re not clueless after all!

      It’s hard to pull against VCU though. Now in the game following this one… I’m not crazy about either team. Go, Butler!

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