Cutting Out

Since our neighbors, Beauregard and Boo Byrd are almost exactly our age, I’m not sure why Dearly Beloved refers to Beau as “that Old Fart.”   The two guys–Beau and DB–have been friends for decades, long before we moved into this house, and have a schtick going that they find hilarious.

Beau has a repertoire of about twenty jokes that he tells to DB at the rate of about three a week.  By the time he gets back to the first one, DB has forgotten it. In fact, he usually forgets before he comes back in the house  to tell me.  When he does remember, I recognize it as a rerun.

“She says you’ve already told me that one!” he’ll yell over the fence sometimes.

DB was driving back from an errand this morning when he glanced at the Byrds’ house and saw Beau sitting on an old milk carton in the driveway, leaning forward.  Petite Boo was behind him,  draped over his back with her hands on his shoulders.

That Old Fart has hurt himself! ” DB thought, and whipped the car into their driveway to offer assistance.

“Do you need help?”  he called.  “Are you all right?”

“Yeah, HEY!” Beau yelled back jovially.  “Everything’s fine. . . .

I’m just trimming Boo’s toenails.”

Sure enough,  Boo’s left leg was draped across Beau’s knee.  She wrinkled her nose at DB and giggled, “I just hate doing that myself.”

“Seen enough.  I’m getting out of here,”  Dearly Beloved called to them, throwing the car into reverse.

He came inside, grinning,  and shaking his head.   “That Old Fart is over there in the driveway, cutting Boo’s toenails.”

Finally!  One I hadn’t heard before.

Beau's back.

17 thoughts on “Cutting Out

  1. Your world is full of a magic that needs it’s own teevee show. I’d so much rather hear of Beau, Boo, DB and the pedi party than anything else that’s shown.

    And…here’s how spoiled we are in America: I’m worried about the aesthetics of the thing. Boo’s piggies will need a lovely, long, scented soak, some dainty cuticle work, your basic sloughage, and just the right spring color. Is Beau up for the job?

  2. Is Beau up for the job? Well today he was using weed killer on the driveway (no, not in the pedicure spot) wearing a bright orange long sleeve shirt, crocs and wrap around shades. He didn’t look like he was up for dainty work.

  3. Well now I’ve heard of everything! LOL Makes you wonder how many men would do that for their wives, especially right in the driveway. Certainly not mine! lol I thought seeing my friend/neighbour June’s 69 year old hubby making a snowman in their front yard was bad enough! hehe

    Make sure you come by my blog today, I’m celebrating my 5th blogiversary with a giveaway:-) xoxo

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