Odds, Ends, and Odd Ends

The Southern Living Show wouldn’t be worthy of its name if it didn’t carry merchandise for a variety of southern tastes.  A vast array of goodies ranged from  tractors and sweet grass baskets to scuppernong wine and West Virginia vacations, and everything in-between.  Neither the country mouse nor the city mouse would have gone home disappointed.

(Remember that you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

There was nothing ordinary about the bottle trees.  Would your hummingbirds prefer Jack Daniels or Irish whiskey feeders?

Jack Daniels or Mountain Dew, little hummer...?

So many opportunities for one to indulge her inner redneck!

I'm too sexy for this sign, too sexy for this sign....

Since they hand-painted butterflies on the wall, butterfly holograms on the floor, and butterfly boxes displayed in gardens,  it shocked me to see this booth.  They’re real, all right–really dead.



R.I.P., butterflies.  I felt like I was at a butterfly wake.

Would you prefer your chicken in a pen or a sandwich?

Real chickens.

–                    –               –

Experts offered decorating advice.   Think nuttin’ comes cheap these days?

Guess again.

There were products I’d never heard of, like this mop.  I’m all for green products, but does a sticky mop remove sticky places on the floor?

Interesting as a cat toy, too.

This made me laugh.  The man on the bench appeared to be looking longingly at the squishy chair with the Please Sit on Me sign.  I pictured his wife pointing to the bench, saying, “Sit there and don’t move.” Having just overheard a couple of old coots bragging about going back for a fourth sample of coconut rum pound cake,  I think that would have been a wise directive.

But could I get back up?


The Gourd Lady.







10 thoughts on “Odds, Ends, and Odd Ends

  1. I want that Barbie sign! The “Design Help 5 cents” sign is just like the one Lucy had for her psychiatrist booth in “A Charlie Brown Christmas!” (I’ve seen that movie so many times with the grandkids, I could spout dialogue.)

    The Gourd Lady…um…I’m speechless.

  2. I am still weirded by the butterflies. Farm raised?? Natural causes?? Not sure I am buying that.
    I would have had to have tried that chair, providing I was with a moose of a guy to retrieve me.
    Looked like a fun show.

  3. Those Gourd hat are wonderful. I am sending the bottle tree to my parents–their hummers will be humming.
    I just learned yesterday from a friend on his way to the Chicago St. Pats parade in his kilt-they don’t wear anything under the kilt~–I thought they were sexy before but NOW!! WOW!

  4. My booze hound in-laws would LOVE one of those hummingbird feeders to hang on the porch at their cabin – where many an adult beverage has been consumed and many a hummingbird comes to hang out and laugh hysterically at the drunk people!

  5. The show definitely went from the sublime of previous posts. And I love them all. That Gourd Lady is now my hero! How could you keep a straight face when talking with her. She definitely rocks!

  6. I join the line of those who want the Barbie sign! Like the bottle tree as well, although I’m not really fond of birds of any sort (serious bird phobia) but I could hang them indoors. The Southern Living Show is like the southern version of Tiffanys.

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