Seat Yourself

Another section of the Southern Living Show offered groups an opportunity to design garden tablescapes around their favorite books.  Were this a “seat yourself” event,  would you make your seating selection based on the name of the book, the attractiveness of the table, or the people you would envision joining you–the author being one of them?

It might not be a bad idea to also factor in the dishes you think they’d be serving.   I’ll have to think about what that might be.

I’d never heard of the book below.  I Googled it and found one that is about how to have a healthy recovery from divorce.  Look at the glittery red shoes on the table.

Hmm.  I can’t decide. . . can you?  Let’s table it for now.

29 thoughts on “Seat Yourself

  1. These are really cool! They remind me of a charity event my daughter was a part of a couple of years ago. Groups were given a table to design a theme around of their choosing. Her team picked “Gilligan’s Island.” Of course, dear Mama (moi) was lassoed into painting a backdrop of the t.v. show’s iconic island logo, plus six or eight tiki heads for the back of the chairs. My daughter created a volcano too, which I helped texturize. Since most of the main characters had been taken, she went as a half-drowned boat tour guide—she had hair like a young Priscilla Presley and plastic fish and lobsters hanging off of her uniform. They had a great time. Me? I wasn’t part of team so I stayed home and washed paintbrushes. 🙂

    1. We’re even worse– I plate it and we eat in the den. NEVER did that when the kids were living at home. If we get much sloppier around here, we should name it Hell in a Handbasket.

      Hey, we’re retired!

  2. Arkansas Patti

    I’d definitely go for the book and the author, table setting would not matter. Paper plates with Ken Follett would be cool.
    That said, I do like how they seemed to capture the essence of the books with the setting.

  3. Love a pretty table. I could be sitting at a beautiful table with a total bore and be fascinated. Since I also love Ralph Lauren- I would be sitting at the Sense and Sensibility table. If I am not mistaken the table cloth is from the Lauren Allison pattern–one his prettiest patterns ever.

  4. That last one should have been Wizard of Oz because of the red glittery shoes and little pup on the table! lol I’m just loving all of these table settings, such creativity. You know of course that I would do one up with Faeries! lol xoxo

  5. The Secret Garden table made me totally think edible tea cups. Dunno why! The rest just had me thinking of all the things my boys would break without even trying!!

    1. Edible tea cups? LOL! I’ll bet your boys would have been pulling you toward the hot dog stand, the ice cream wagons, or the strawberry crepes booth. The Helmut’s strudel booth looked pretty darned good, too.

  6. I was utterly unlit up inside until I got to the “Sense and Sensibility” table. I’m there! I’ll have whatever the hostess is having. Is this a Southern Living Rorschach?

    Tea and scones. Maybe some of Knatolee’s buttery Meyer Lemon scones.

    And pie. It’s got nothing to do with the lovely table, flowers, settings. I just got hit with a pie meme and can’t shake it off.

  7. This was so much fun to see! I love the first one, I’d love to host a Mad Hatter tea. Now I have the names of books running through my head that would be fun to use as inspiration — Gone With the Wind would be my first choice!

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