Meet Art… and Pass the Ketchup

I believe I mentioned that during the time my out-of-town friends are here, Dearly Beloved and Miss Piggy have fled the city and are staying at the beach.  DB was not impressed with our agenda:  yarns (knitting and story),  wine, and chocolate heading the list.

He has sent e-mails from the beach to show me what a good time really looks like:  videos that Good Egg Son (a/k/a Dad’s Partner in Crime) made of his dad’s golf swing over the weekend.  In fact, DB was so excited,  he asked that I overnight a  20-year-old video of his golf swing “in case you’re out mailing something” so that he could compare the two.  Sure… with company coming that afternoon and my last-minute errands, how could I resist going to Fed Ex for a nice visit?

But yes, I did.  Did I receive a Thank You?  Hardly.  What I GOT was another e-mail with a clip he’d made from the overnighted video, asking me to compare the then and now.  Gee, the girls and I had planned to go see The King’s Speech, but a 20-year-old golf video was so much more exciting.

Luckily, I spotted the difference almost immediately:  he  had more hair back then.

Back to the adventures here:  I have taken my friends out several times to show them where I hang out in my neck of the woods for thrills:  yarn shops, Chick-fila, pharmacy, grocery store.   I wasn’t being pushy, since each visit was by popular request:  more knitting projects, a round of fountain Diet Cokes, nasal spray, and bran cereal.

(What did YOU think post-menopausal women did for fun?)

Today included cultural activities::  a  public art appreciation tour.  We went out for lunch, then I drove around to point out some of the public art projects in our fair city.  Birdie took photos of one exhibit in particular.  Although the photo captures only two of the objets d’art here, there is actually a cluster of them placed carefully along either side of our light rail line.

The color of the works is indicative of the red Piedmont clay here, as is  obvious from the foreground.   Beyond that, I can’t offer any insight,  but if you are an art connoisseur,  you won’t need it anyhow.

Here is Art:

Tell me you’re NOT’ thinking Frisbee.  Worse!  And,  if you’re thinking hamburger bun… tsk, tsk.

I’ll have more photos later.  Unless you’d rather see the golf videos.

19 thoughts on “Meet Art… and Pass the Ketchup

  1. I am utterly stumped, but my stumpage wasn’t veering in the frisbee direction. It was more along the lines of Dark Side of The Moon Meets Inside Of Bifurcated Giant Dog Chew-Toy.

    Is there a prize for the correct guess? Nasal spray, perhaps? I’m in.

    1. Somehow I can’t imagine the LYNX (light rail)public art group having that in mind, but hey! maybe it makes the trains move faster.

      Now that hubby has the videos and is figuring out the “secrets” I see that it’s going to storm there tomorrow. That means no golf–he’ll have to stay inside with the storm-phobic Miss Piggy.

  2. Several of the survivors of the plane crash on “Lost” found the same thing close to the site of the Smoke Monster sighting. When they touched it, the island vibrated and they went back to 1975. You can thank me for this at your convenience.

  3. A Giant alien egg that cracked in half when it hit earth—RUN, RUN towards the knitting shop and point towards the beach mouthing YUM! YUM!
    You went to Fed Ex for your DB-on the day your company was arriving and you got nary a THANK YOU? I could say a lot about golf, and balls and such but I think perhaps I will simple say you are a Saint.

    1. Ah, but today has been full of thank yous and no golf videos! Does that detract from my sainthood?

      ACK! I spoke too soon–Just checked e-mail. Another video. He says only 90 more to go.
      Hah! My eyes will be bleeding long before that. I need another dose of yarn shop!

  4. Dawn Fine

    Hee hee~did dearly beloved like your critique of his less-haired golf swing? When I saw the last photo I was thinking mushroom caps:) keep makin me laugh:)

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