Licking the Problem

Oh, you are a witty bunch!  I’ve exhibited a bit of dog-like behavior myself, howling with laughter at the comments you left.  Munching on chocolate-covered cashews at the time,  I probably gave a pretty good imitation of that “sh*t eating grin” Texas Trailer Park Trash described.

KG Mom reads some fascinating books, so she could offer this insight:

Now here’s a totally scientific unemotional response–dogs do not digest all the food they eat, so there still are nutrients in the waste product.
I know this from having read a book some years ago about the race to the South Pole. Eh? you might be saying.
Amundsen (the Norwegian who “won”) knew this fact. He built their permanent housing in such a way that waste products ran down into a lower area and he counted on the dogs being able to recycle waste. It cut down on having to procure food in a barren place where supplies have to be hauled in.
So, GO Miss Piggy. Your mom may be upset with you, but Amundsen would have taken you to the South Pole.

(Gotta love Murr’s retort that she’d have taken him to the South Pole and left him there!)

Why do dogs eat poop? offers over 200,000 entries on Google.  Although I still have a few left to read ( insert another sh*t eating grin here), many mention poop being a digestive aid as a reason.

Adding pineapple to the dog’s food seems the most popular cure for the behavior.  Is it because it makes the poop unpalatable or because pineapple contains a digestive enzyme–bromelain–possibly eliminating 🙂  the pupster’s need to eat poop?  Garlic, canned pumpkin, or meat tenderizer are other additive suggestions.  While these may keep your dog from eating his own poop,  every other dog’s is fair game, not to mention fairly gamey.

Odd, isn’t it, that rabbit turds are a doggy delicacy, since rabbits are herbivores.  Would Mary’s Boston Terriers eat lettuce and clover?  Probably not going in, but coming out… ?  Yum!  Cat food contains more fat and protein,  so that litter box  is simply a  Dr. Atkins diet, Patti and Pam.

Momma dogs commonly eat their babies’ poop.  Miss Piggy’s  penchant may harken back to her former life as a puppy mill breeding dog.

There may not be an app for all that,  there is a name for it:  COPROPHAGIA.

Now… on to humans!  I mentioned the 200,000+ entries about dogs eating poop, but there are over two million links about poop infusions for humans.   Who knew???

A  life-threatening infection  frequently plaguing  hospitals–Clostridium Difficile–is a diarrhea or colitis so severe that it can result in death.  It affects over a quarter million Americans a year.  Forget the Immodium, this strain even resists antibiotics and standard treatments by physicians.

Enter the poop transplant.

Yes,  doctors collect poop from a healthy donor, blend it with a little brine and give it to the patient for a speedy cure.  One method of introduction is by enema, although there are other methods, too… like the woman who received her husband’s poo cocktail through a tube in her nose.   Truly a woman for whom the words  “…if you get my drift…!” are best left unsaid.

An article in The Scientist pointed out:

At the heart of these transplants are the trillions of microbes that inhabit the gut and have a profound impact on the host’s biology — for better or worse. As Australian gastroenterologist,  Thomas Borody,  jokingly puts it, “we are 10 percent human, 90 percent poo.”

I knew that some folks were full of it, but it sounds like all of us are.  Research is ongoing about other ways this treatment might be used–for instance, an infusion of skinny person poo into an obese person.  Eat sh*t or diet.

Folks, this is some serious sh*t!!!

The human treatments  developed as a result of earlier veterinary procedures.  Dogs simply eliminate the middle man.

The Kitchen Witch asked if Dearly Beloved had witnessed Miss Piggy’s latest infraction,  knowing how  he used to open the back door and yell loudly,  “Quit eating sh*t!!!!” Yes, he did witness her latest poo picnic and surprised me by yelling, instead, “Go ahead!  Clean up the whole yard!”

That seems to be the standard recommendation to prevent coprophagia:  Clean it up.  We fell behind in our efforts during the bad weather and the period our back yard was turned into a dog park.  It’s still a smorgasbord out there.

Enough of that sh*t.  It’s Valentine’s Day.  Hearts and flowers to all of you.   AA, Kim,  Jerry, Boomer, Heather, Knatolee… thank you for stopping by.  Have a piece of unlicked chocolate:

Chocolate-covered cashews.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

No buts about it!

And Happy Valentine’s Day to you, DB.  Love your guts out!

25 thoughts on “Licking the Problem

  1. The Bearded Iris

    OH, BE STILL MY HEART! This might be my favorite post ever. And not just because I have a penchant for scat photography, medical oddities, and all things poo related in general. Kind of an occupational hazard for mothers and/or pet lovers, I guess.

    Did you see my recent pics of Ike’s digestive magic tricks? Definitely not as witty or intelligent as your Licking the Problem post, but fun pictures.


  2. I am so thankful that my dog never had this nasty habit, but my granddaughter’s little dog loves to scour the litter box for her afternoon treats. Since I’ve been here I’m slowly breaking her of this habit, but I still won’t let her anywhere near my face. She’s such a cute little sh*t-eater, but I have no problem resisting her charms.

    Thanks to you I now know more than I ever needed to know on this subject.

    P.S. I’m making the dog read both of these posts!

  3. Well done. Surely you have earned a PHD in the sh*t eating habits of the world. I have no questions.
    I finally watched Lost Valentine yesterday and am pretty sure I saw your future stars. What a thrill for them and you.
    Mercy though, that was one sad movie. Cried like a baby.

    1. I’m going to buy that movie so that I can watch them again and again. My brain didn’t tell my eyes to zero in fast enough–I missed some of their scenes.

      LOL… trying to think what university might grant me that PHD. Any ideas? 🙂

  4. Are you SURE those are chocolate covered cashews? They look suspiciously like the little turds I just picked up off the kitchen rug. My decrepit toy fox terrier who has “Dogheimer’s” left them for me.

    Aw, what the hey. Pass me some.

    1. The “kittehs” leave special treats of their own for me. Sometimes they jump out of the litter box too fast and drop little goodies behind them that are coated in kitty litter . I swear they look just like Almond Roca.

      Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  5. And some of my friends think blogging is boring! How can any arena where you can spend an entire post discussing the intricacies of sh*t be boring!!! Way to lighten up this crazy ass holiday – oh, and a big THANKS for the chocolate covered cashews. I’m totally drooling now 😉

    1. Yes, as one friend said… an ode to poop on Valentine’s Day.

      The cashews are yummy. I told my husband I’d bought them and when he finally decided to eat some last night, he removed the lid and said, “You bought FOUR cashews???”

      Sheesh! Time flies and so do cashews, Buster!

  6. Dude. I could talk about poop all day long.

    And as a matter of fact, my sister has been battling Clostridium Difficile — commonly called C. Diff — for months. It develops as a reaction to antibiotics, so you have to keep cycling antiobiotics until you find the one that your body will accept. The crazy part is an antibiotic that works today may not work the next time and one your body accepts today may cause C. Diff next time.

    As a result of all of this, my sister may be having a POOP TRANSPLANT soon! Her docs say that if this round of antibiotics don’t work, she’ll need to rely on someone else’s “healthy flora.” Ah, poop talks for days!

    1. How awful for your sister. I read of a woman who lost 60 pounds in eight months with C.Diff. before getting the poop transplant. (Hmmm. I’ll bet there’s another term for that.) It turned out to be a miraculous cure for her and I hope your sister’s will be similarly successful. Advise her to ix-nay the nose tube.

  7. You’re not supposed to make me laugh so early in the morning ML, it can be dangerous for my keyboard. I love DB dare to Miss Piggy… “Go ahead and clean up the whole yard!”
    My vet told me that unless you can break a dog of this habit when they’re very young puppies, you might as well give up trying. I’m just glad my dog is very small, as is her poop deposits.

    1. Amazing how word doesn’t always get from our brain to the keyboard, isn’t it?!

      So we should surrender to the little sh*t eater, huh? If we ever get another dog, I’ll definitely heed your vet’s advice. Miss P had some age on her when she came to us. I guess this means we never really had a chance!

  8. Whaaa? Poop infusions? That is so crazy that it’s got to be true.

    I had to laugh at the pineapple…it reminded me of that episode in Sex in the City when Samantha’s dating a guy with “funky-tasing spunk.” She Googles remedies and one of the recommendations is to have him drink pineapple juice 🙂 So it makes dog shit taste worse but improves the flavor of spunkage. And tell me you don’t learn something new every day?

  9. micheleabarnes

    Oh. My. God. We have five dogs, and, so far as we know, none of them ever eat their own “waste”. However…………..offer them a little kitty poo, and it’s a completely different story. To think I might have gone the rest of my life w/o know about C Diff. Michele

  10. suesue

    Too funny! My doggies are cat poop eaters and I get so upset with the litter they leave behind-what’s a mom to do. Like I told my human kids, I can’t follow you around all the time to stop bad behavior. The dogs just don’t listen to reason.

  11. Tammy

    Gosh again never heard of this being the reason dogs eat poop. As far as the human poop eating information you provided….that’s way too much s**t for me to digest!

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