At Least She’s Not a Licker!

This afternoon at the hardware store I bought a chew bone for Miss Piggy.   It was one she’s never had before and I was reading its attributes while waiting in the cash register line.  The label said it was a breath freshener.  I laughed at the ridiculousness of the purchase, based on an earlier event.

It was so pretty outside today–sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50’s–that when we let her out in the backyard for a potty break, she actually stayed out, instead of immediately running back to stand by the back door and whining to be let back in.  (You know… if a crumb drops in the kitchen and she doesn’t hear it, will it be there anyway?)

I was really proud of her, out there in the green grass, until I looked more carefully.  She wasn’t lying in the sun like I’d thought.  She was out there eating dog poop.

For gosh’s sakes…!  I know she’s not the brightest dog in the neighborhood, but really…!   When she stepped out the door and stood on the deck to survey the possibilities– “Eat sh– or lie” wouldn’t you think she’s have gone for the latter?


18 thoughts on “At Least She’s Not a Licker!

  1. U-u-u-u-ugh. My girls eat bunny poop. That’s why we don’t kiss if I catch them having a snack. A friend up north had a lab who would lap up a turd in the yard pretty regularly. There are remedies for that but I don’t remember what she did… I’m sure you can google “dogs eating turds” and get help. LOL!

  2. That nasty habit has returned here, too. They are still frozen and impossible to scoop out of the ice. We are calling them poosicles.

  3. So funny! I’ve only had lickers. One should never watch what dogs do before they lick our faces. Just as one should never view what goes on in the kitchen before we have a restaurant meal.

  4. Mighty craves cat poop. Only a baby gate keeps him from his desire–the litter box. His breath is so bad however that cat crap might be an improvement. I adore him for not being a kisser. He spends way too much time attending to his privates.

  5. Now here’s a totally scientific unemotional response–dogs do not digest all the food they eat, so there still are nutrients in the waste product.
    I know this from having read a book some years ago about the race to the South Pole. Eh? you might be saying.
    Amundsen (the Norwegian who “won”) knew this fact. He built their permanent housing in such a way that waste products ran down into a lower area and he counted on the dogs being able to recycle waste. It cut down on having to procure food in a barren place where supplies have to be hauled in.
    So, GO Miss Piggy. Your mom may be upset with you, but Amundsen would have taken you to the South Pole.

  6. We had a Collie mix that used to eat poop. She was a really sweet dog, but when she gave you that “sh*t-eating-grin” with poo all over her teeth…well, that was a bit much. My daughter’s dog would wait for the poop to dry out a bit so he could walk around with it hanging out of his mouth like a tycoon with an expensive cigar.

  7. Ah, poor you!! My Sophie is addicted to the stuff of her own intestines! She likes it even better the next day, frozen into a poopsicle. It is impossible to stop a dog from snacking on poo when you you live on a farm. 🙂 I feel your pain.

  8. Ewwwwwwwwwww I’ll never let a dog lick my face again! lol That’s just too disgusting, maybe it’s true what they say, what you don’t know won’t hurt you!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, make sure you come over to pick up your Valentine:-) xoxo

  9. Oh my word! That is nasty – reminds me of my sister’s dog that used to eat the kids’ poopy diapers. Yuck! What did you do when she wanted to come in?

  10. Tammy

    Well…..dogs eat cat poop because their food has so much protein which comes out in their poop. They do not eat their own poop because they need it to help them digest. Dogs eat there own poop because either they are truly hungry such as a starved dog or a dig that likes to eat anything and everything and never gets full or lastly because it tastes good to them. There is a product called Forbid that you put on a digs food to believe it or not makes their poop taste bad and they will not eat it. Buy it at a vet or check Petsmart they may now have it or fosters and grant catalogs or website. I am very lucky my 3 do NOT do that plus they are not aloud that’s one of my rules 😉

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