Catch ’em If You Can

The newspaper says we may get snow showers today and tomorrow.  No accumulation… just a few flying snowflakes.

I’m thinking of going out to breakfast this morning and I’ll be sure to take an umbrella.   The biscuits and the quotation marks are already flying,  

I hope I don’t get sideswiped by a loose apostrophe.


9 thoughts on “Catch ’em If You Can

  1. Birdie

    Well, I will give them this: even I could find them. I don’t live in Charlotte and haven’t for over ten years, but I doubt Blackhawk has moved very far from its original location. HOWEVER, I could have found them without the quotation marks.

  2. You’ve got to be impressed by a biscuit restaurant that “flies in the face” of the First Lady’s initiatives and the New Dietary Guidelines.

    Gosh, I miss biscuits.

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