Miss Piggy and Ivy have met almost all of the friendly dogs in the neighborhood, except one.  Today has been a lovely sunny day, so in honor of Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday Anniversary, we took them to meet, appropriately. . .

Nancy Reagan

Nancy had already been named when her current owners adopted her.   She’s quite captivating… petite,  pert,  and quite athletic.  She did high jumps and flips for us.   No cartwheels.

Odessa, the wonder dog, was there, too.   That meant three active dogs and one who was not the least bit interested.  Make a guess.

Introductions were made.

Hi, I’m Nancy.

Hello, I’m Not Interested.

We had told Ivy she would be meeting a toy poodle.  The problem was, she thought “toy” was the key word.   Her exuberance was hard to control, especially with Nancy Reagan saying, “Bring it on, Sister!”

While Ivy and Nancy became acquainted, Odessa checked to see what has been going on with Miss Piggy since they last saw each other.

The big girls danced.

When we told them all about the 100th birthday celebration,  the Super Bowl, and the Puppy Bowl, they decided to hold a parade.

A dog is not intelligent. Never trust an animal that’s surprised by its own farts. – Frank Skinner


17 thoughts on “Whiffersniffers

  1. The Bearded Iris

    Loved it, ML! Especially that quote at the end, but you know me… I’m all about the toilet humor.

  2. lulu

    Love your whiffersniffers!:) lolololol…. the pics are great – a great way to spend a gorgeous afternoon for sure!:) Agree with TTPT – especially since dogs never try to hide or look confused…. it is what it is – woof woof!!


  4. That was a delightful series and had me laughing at the all too familiar dog behaviors. It did remind me a bit of the Puppy Bowl. Did you notice the “humper” at the PB?
    Mighty recently had the first that I know of audible farts and actually had the gall to look at me accusingly.

  5. LOL. Whiffersniffers great word! I plan to steal it.
    Poor,Poor. Pitiful Miss Piggy all she really wants to do is hang out, sleep and scarf up crumbs and instead she has to leave home, be social and sniff buts. Its just not easy being Miss. Piggy.
    Today is RR. 100th? Darn, I left New Mexico and I’m sure my parents will be toasting him appropriately. My dad will more than likely break out his best bourbon. sigh.

  6. LOVE the pictures! The pups are all so adorable. Poor, put-upon Miss Piggy. 😉 Forced to be sociable, ack. My OtherHalf would so be on her side!

  7. Julie

    My husband is a dog lover. I read him this post and his first response was, “You should send her ‘All the Dogs Had a Party.'” This is the song that his father would sing to him when he was a little boy, as he strummed the guitar. This may be why my husband is a little strange! Here are the words:

    All the dogs had a party, they came from near and far,
    Some of them came by airplane, others came by car.
    It was all night long, from midnight on.

    Before they had assembled, each dog he took a look,
    Then he grabbed off his old asshole, and hung it right on a hook.
    It was all night long, from midnight on.

    After they had assembled, some mother’s son and sire,
    that big dog, that son-of-a-bitch, got up and shouted FIRE! It was all night long, from midnight on.

    In the rush that followed, the dogs didn’t have a chance to look,
    So each one grabbed an asshole off the hook.
    Now that is the reason, a dog will leave his bone,
    Stick his nose up another’s dog’s ass, he’s looking for his own!
    It was all night long, from midnight on.

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