Our Mood Is Going to the Dogs

Next week, I guess we’ll be singing the blues.  The song?  Ivy Doesn’t Live Here Any More.

Daughter and her family are ready to reclaim their goldendoodle, the granddog we have been keeping for them since before Christmas.   No bad backs, no snow or ice on our roads, no sick grandkids.   In other words, we can’t come up with any excuses to keep her longer, darn it.

It’s going to be tough for Dearly Beloved.  Like Batman losing Robin… even though Robin will be returning to her band of merry men (three fun little boys!)  in this case.

Yes, I know I’m mixing my tales.

Leaf patrol.

Let's try the new 2-wheeler.
Twosome & two-wheeler.
Waiting, waiting.
Pat for a pal.



Are you thinking that Miss Piggy is out there, too… enjoying the fresh air and the company?

Guess again.   She’s by the kitchen door, on Crumb Patrol.   She was groomed this week.  Does she look thinner, after her hair cut?





Get ready for this.  I’m going to show you why we call her Miss Piggy.

It’s shocking.


No way is Miss Piggy going to follow that wheelbarrow.–unless it’s filled with dog treats.  Even then, she’d want a ride.




16 thoughts on “Our Mood Is Going to the Dogs

  1. Belly laughs! I think Miss Piggy is very attractive. I once had a piggy that looked just like yours. Your husband will miss his constant companion. Sweet.

  2. Aww. I think there is going to be mutual grief at the parting. Ivy seems to share the devotion.
    Somehow it doesn’t look lik e Miss Piggy will take up the slack except for snuggle time.

    1. Ivy will be invited to Camp Granddad this summer.

      We’ll miss her, but hope that Miss P will return to her usual mildly neurotic self and not the sneaky, thieving, lurking, mopey old lady she has been during Ivy’s visit! Yikes!

  3. lulu

    Shall we start a petition for DB and Ivy? Surely the daughter and her family just don’t understand how these two have bonded…. as a devoted reader, I am so sad – AND AM READY TO RALLY THE TROOPS, MERRILY, JUST GIVE THE WOOF! WE ARE THERE!!!

    1. No, no! Hold back the troops!

      Miss Piggy has Ivy’s departure date circled on her calendar as cause for celebration. We’ll still see Ivy and her peeps often. We know where they live. 🙂

  4. “Crumb Patrol” is just what we’ve always called it with our dogs too! But we did have one long-haired Chihuahua, Lolita, who didn’t bother waiting for the crumbs to fall. One time a friend’s kid was visiting and she sat impatiently waiting in front of him while he ate a brownie, but no crumbs were being dropped so she snatched it right out of his hand. I swear, she unhinged her jaws just like a snake and the whole thing went down the hatch in one piece.

  5. Ivy will miss you. Miss Piggy is a very cute pup potato. Will you be content to send Ivy home, miss her and wait for her next visit–glad to have the fun but not the long term commitment or is it time to consider adding a younger pup to your cozy threesome?

  6. she is too cute….a little over weight but cute….We had Sissy that had a belly just like that….she gave birth to 10 Golden Retriever puppies then lost the will to live….every time Gunther “The Dad” would come near her she would sit down….that said it all…
    in her defense she didn’t over eat she had a bad thyroid….the poor thing.

  7. My cousin’s beagle has a lot in common with your Miss Piggy. Molly only displays excitement when there’s food around, the rest of the time she is saving her energy for the next time treats appear.

    Oh, and the sold sign on the butt from the last post? Hysterical!

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