Found My Peeps! (Love, BO)

First, a word about the title.

Yesterday when I wrote about some members of my family being in last night’s Hallmark movie, The Lost Valentine, the title of my post was LOOK FOR MY PEEPS!  Do you suppose that’s how the entire post came to appear, to my discomfort, on a site which advertises child tracking devices?

Yes, I have found my peeps, so you can take it down now, people!  (Thanks and Much Love, Bo.)

Dearly Beloved and I watched the Hallmark movie with eyes like cafeteria cashiers, studying the background figures for sightings of our daughter and grandsons.

If we hadn’t  seen the photos of the clothes they would be wearing, we’d have missed them entirely because sometimes they were going instead of coming.  In the scenes facing the camera, by the time we spotted the clothes in the distance, the movie was off to a different scene and we weren’t fast enough to look at their faces.

So much for any career aspirations as an air traffic controller.  Hey, Hallmark already has the movie for sale though.   We can study and dissect it frame by frame.

The hair was a homing device for one of them.  In our family, hair has a personality of its own.

All of us have serious bedhead hair issues.

Bedhead brothers.

Even their little brother’s hair has its own ideas, as evidenced by how it began springing back to life not 10 feet out of the barber chair.

Cowed, but not licked.

Here’s a bedhead photo:

Fresh-from-the-pillow hair.

It’s pretty obvious why their mother keeps a spray bottle of water by the hairbrush.

Hat hair is not an issue in our family.  Well, except for Dearly Beloved’s unfortunate hat hair appearance at a birthday party.  He returned it that same day.

DB's hat hair incident.

Easiest to spot in the Hallmark movie was our towheaded grandson.  His hair is so light that it stood out even in the crowded sidewalk scenes.

On a sunny day, it really, really sparkles, like a halo.

That boy looks absolutely angelic.

Temporary tattoo there

And that, my friends, is acting!


10 thoughts on “Found My Peeps! (Love, BO)

  1. Julie

    I think I saw the tow head walking a bike. I was channel surfing, so I didn’t catch any of the others.

  2. I came, I watched. I saw. Thank you for confirming I saw. Stars! All of them.

    I just love Hallmark Hall of fame movies for many reasons but the biggest one is you just know the rose bush will bloom at the end. My eyes even cloud up at the commercials.

    As for hair…Let’s just put it this way…Cole’s barely had a curl in it until the summer of 2009 and then it bloomed!

  3. Don’t we just adore passing that DNA along!? When I try to understand why it is that nothing else on the planet lights up every cell of my body like proximity to my kids and grandkids, all I can come up with is that The Gene likes it that way!

    And I see that I’m not alone.

  4. Made two sightings of your peeps during the movie! Everything went so quickly that I felt like I was in one of those tests they give “seniors” to see how much their reaction time has slowed. Would have failed that, for sure.
    Can I get one of those hair hats for my hubby? My granddaughter offered to glue some of her hair to the top of his head the next time we trim her bangs, but I don’t think it would have the same impact.

  5. Haven’t seen it yet but have it recorded so I can pause when necessary. Also wanted to make sure they were in it before I watched for fear I would be so busy looking that I would miss out on the plot.
    Isn’t the bed hair style still in for guys? Wish that style would make it to women. I’m a natural.

  6. Good luck in my One World, One Heart, give away, Marylee!
    I want to join actor’s equity and be a movie extra one day –I think it would be fun! By chance my husband was in a scene in the old Wall Street movie as he worked in the area and happened to be standing at the curb in a scene when Michael Douglas walked out of a building. It’s all of three second but we know when to look for him 🙂

    More snow coming our way…sigh.

  7. PS I’ve heard from some people that this was a really nice movie! The backs of your grandson’s heads are really cute …lol!

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