Wait, Mate!

Our three kids dated a curious assortment of people before they were married.  Among them was the Olympic skier, the game inventor, the preacher-to-be (who didn’t,)  and perhaps a potential psycho or two.  We cheered at their eventual selection of mates.

It is interesting that our daughters married guys who were almost their opposite in matters of money.  One daughter is extremely frugal, while her husband is not money-oriented.  Our other daughter, like her mother, loves that battle cry, CHAAAARRGE!!!  Luckily, she married a meticulous, record-keeping, financial planning engineer type.   Our son and daughter-in-law are still establishing their financial personalities.

We laugh that had the frugal daughter married the frugal SIL, Warren Buffett might be seeking their advice.  If the other two spouses married, they would live in a tent by now, but still be laughing.

I’ve wandered off my point… which is that Dearly Beloved and I thank our lucky stars for our SIL’s and DIL who married into our crazy family.   We have made it plain to them that if they decide to wander off the reservation, we might decide to go with them… surely not a risk worth taking.

Years ago, daughter Pogo sent her sister’s husband a birthday card which remained on their refrigerator door for years.  It had a picture of a nutty-looking family with one hapless young man trying to escape over the back fence.   She had everyone labeled in the photograph… with him as the desperate escapee.

That’s been a family mantra ever since.  We warn them occasionally against trying to jump the fence.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I looked out the back window and saw this:

Escape alert! Escape alert!

It’s a good thing Granddog Ivy was on watch!

"Here, Boy! Here, Boy!"

Time to polish up the old ball and chain.


9 thoughts on “Wait, Mate!

  1. I laughed out LOUD and spit on the monitor when I saw those pictures and read that last sentence. Patsy would have gone right after him.
    Hope he comes back soon. I find Milk Bone Flavor Snacks work well.

  2. Birdie

    LOL!! Already won the best caption of the year for a blog photograph and we aren’t out of January yet! Gives new meaning to 50 ways to leave your lover.

  3. Oh noooooo, one escaped?? Where’s the army when you need them???? hehe Oh that was too funny, I never once thought after reading your words that you would have a picture of one escaping! lol No wonder I love coming to visit you, you always make me laugh:-) xoxo

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