Long May She Rerun!

Another show I have enjoyed on cable TV is The Closer, even though I cringe every time Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson says, “Thank yew so muuuuch” in a Southern accent unlike any I have ever heard.

My friends and I refer to her as Brendah, in deference to the honey coating on  her vocal chords.  (Yes, we occasionally e-mail about the show, embarrassing as that is to admit. )

The show is so perfectly cast and Brenda’s vintage wardrobe so fascinating that I would probably watch even if it had no plot.  Unlike most police dramas, there are few physical altercations, except for Brenda’s weekly arm wrestles with her oversized purse.

What other show has writers who come up with lines like these:

Your choice, Charlie. Museum with Grandma…….. or psychotic murder suspect with Aunt Brenda?”

Sgt. Gabriel: You brought your cat to a crime scene?
Chief Johnson:  It’s not my cat, it just lives with me and eats at my house.

Brenda Leigh Johnson: We are running him down the flagpole and that’s all that there is to it. If you want to examine the body, you may do so after I’m done.
[Albert’s body comes crashing through the window]
Brenda Leigh Johnson:  I’m done.

Brenda Leigh Johnson:  If you don’t mind, Lieutenant, I like to have the answers before I ask questions.

Kyra Sedgwick  (Brenda)  has decided that the coming seventh season will be the last, a blow to my Monday night routine.  What will I do with that hour every week?

What will SHE do with all of that spare time?  Both of her children are off at college now.   Will reigning as world champion of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon be enough for her?

When I expressed my disappointment to a friend, she sent this video to show me that the show may still have life.


It’s just not the same.  I’d take psychotic murder suspects with Aunt Brendah any day.


8 thoughts on “Long May She Rerun!

  1. Last thing first: please don’t tell me The Closer is closing down! I don’t want to hear it and will from now on start recoding every episode so that I’ll still have something to watch on those nights.
    Now, as to Brenda’s accent. Why, I’ve heard that exact same accent in south Georgia, my deah, so it’s not as “made up” as you may think.

  2. lulu

    I love how she calls her ‘hunk of burning love’ husband: Fritttzzieee
    I have loved that show since the first episode – I want the whole gang to come over for dinnah! ALAS….. I’m as unhappy as a fat, muddy pig in a bath – heavens to betsy, it just’s awful! So glad you have provided a place to mourn with those who understand….. sigh…… it;s just awful! 😦

  3. You have peaked my interest with the vintage clothing….I have never seen this show but I think I have to tune in next Monday before she’s off the air….I was equally upset when Criminal Intent went off the air being a huge Vinnie Donofrio fan….happy to find out that Jeff Goldblum was a flop so they are bringing not only the show back but Vinnie will be back….YAH!!!!!

  4. My goodness. I had no idea The Closer was ending. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite shows EVER! (I live near Atlanta – and yes, I have heard accents quite similar to Brenda Lee Johnson’s. Especially the Thannnk Yew!)

  5. THIS IS SO FUNNY because during the Xmas holidays I bonded with my PIL over The Closer. We watched the season finale together and LOL together. It IS a great show and I do love the characters. Of course I cannot tell how good her Southern accent is. (Is it authentic?) To me it sounds fine (untrained foreign ears ppl so don’t be mad!) and it does melt me and make it all warm and gooey inside whenever she talks. My PIL will be so devastated!

  6. suesue

    Just catching up your posts and I didn’t know Brenda Lee was quitting! How disappointing, I love that show. The characters just play against each other so well and there’s not too many good shows anymore to choose from. I agree, the Sesame Street version won’t cut it!

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