How We Do “Snow Days” in the South

Not much happens in our neighborhood on a snowy day.

The newspaper carrier was right on schedule.  Good, because  we won’t see a snow plow or a salt truck on our small street.

Slush Street.

Some of our plants handle snow better than others.

The Pretty.
The Pitiful.


And the dogs…?  What do they do on a snowy day?

A little of this:

A lot of this:

All modesty aside....
Miss Piggy and Mr. Husband.

Birdie, in south Florida, reads our weather reports with jealousy.

Hey, it’s oranges in your back yard or snowmen, Lady, ” I tell her. ” You can’t have both.”

She begs to differ:

Snowpeople, Florida-style.

She’s such a smartass.


9 thoughts on “How We Do “Snow Days” in the South

  1. It is good to see the husband upright. I hope this means he is feeling better! And has Ivy found her forever home? Looks like she is LOVING that snow! In fact, it looks like you have more on the ground than we do!

  2. An ice day, here. And a broken tooth, necessitating an emergency run through the sleet to the dentist. Everybody here knows exactly how to handle themselves on the road in this kind of weather: drive directly into the nearest ditch.

    Dogs are so cool.

  3. Remember hats and mittens always go in your coat sleeve….and after visiting a number of snowed in southern blogs–I am still wondering about the rush to buy Milk and Bread…in the north we go straight for the wine and cheese.
    Speaking of the North…our temp is balmy and there is no snow in sight…ya’all might want to consider a better climate…just sayin’

    Ivy seems to have made herself right at home. . .nothing like a romp in the snow to wear a pup out.

  4. You had a paper! We won’t see a newspaper, the mail, or garbage pickup for several days. I’m not complaining, mind you, because that means a snow day for teachers!

  5. A forced day of rest is a good thing, if you can ignore those darn cupboards that could stand cleaning.
    Love how animals shed years off their lives in the snow. Mighty turned into a puppy even in the minor dusting we got.

  6. You seem to be coping well with the inclement weather! And I had to laugh at your immodest dog. I caught mine in a similar pose yesterday. 🙂

  7. No newspaper here. Of course there’s no news in it even when we get one. The thing I really detest is that when the man is able to get to the house, he will deliver all the papers we missed. At least I can do the crosswords.

    So glad the granddog had so much fun in the snow!

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