Ah, Sweet Mysteries of Life

During our trip last week, we ran into a few traffic jams.   This is what a traffic jam looks like when ice has frozen over the windshield washer openings on your car and you can’t clean the windshield.   It looked (and felt like) we were in the middle of a trucking convoy.  Trucks as far as the eye could see through that dirty windshield.  (The wipers eventually started working again.)

A train of trucks.

The traffic jam was caused by a wrecked truck on the West Virginia Turnpike.  

There were several hazardous materials vans on the scene, a dumpster, much wreckage, and several other vehicles.  This one was going to take a while.

On another part of the turnpike, we saw three different trucks carrying a very long, white object which looked like a combination of a plane wing and a giant elephant tusk.

What the heck could it be?

Yeah, I know… pretty hard to tell, since I didn’t even manage to get the whole thing in the picture.    It was hard to dodge the steering wheel, the glare, DB’s hand, and the dirt on the windshield.

At the state line crossing into Indiana via I-70,  a young woman all made up, but not wearing a coat over her short skirt,  posed in front of the Welcome to Indiana sign while another similarly attired young woman took her photo.    They jumped back into this car:

Facebook.com Freedom Drive – What’s Your Dream? I don’t know anything about it, but I’m guessing that it involves more than a burning desire to cross the Indiana state line without a winter coat.

While sitting in that jam, we noticed this odd rainbow prism  in the cloudy sky.   The sun is to our left.  Ever seen something like that?

We encountered several mysterious town names along the way, like this one.  Why would a town in West Virginia have this name?


I know these photos are cloudy and grey.  So was the weather.   Only one thing gleamed.  No mystery here–it’s the  West Virginia state capitol building  which can be seen for miles from various elevations on the highways.

Gold dome, grey day.

I took this picture in the late afternoon just before we turned into the driveway of the B&B.  Inside was a tea-tray waiting with hors d’oeuvres and tea or wine.  Want to hazard a guess as to which … oh, never mind.

Too easy.

7 thoughts on “Ah, Sweet Mysteries of Life

  1. Jincey

    Is that a real UFO?? It IS unidentified. Thanks for taking us along your route. Too bad you couldn’t share the wine with us. That was the correct answer, right?

  2. LOL, the “plane wing/elephant tusk” you saw looks like a propeller from a wind turbine. We have tons of the massive things here in North Dakota. It’s flat, and there’s always wind, so wind farms are the new “in” thing.

    Also, the rainbow prism? It’s called a “sundog”. There was probably another one somhwere on the other side of the sun as well. It’s caused by light refracting through ice crystals in the air. We see them usually on really REALLy cold days, when the hairs in your nose freeze as you breathe in! Merry Christmahannayulika to ya!

  3. Brea is right about the wind turbine propeller. We get them passing through our town all the time. My son-in-law, the police officer, has assisted when they have to stop traffic to allow them to go down the main street. Those suckers are huge/

    As for weird town names, we used to live near the old Gold Rush town of Volcano, in California. We got our mail at the post office there and you can imagine some of the conversations I would have when giving my address over the phone.

  4. Jincey–you picked the easy one to answer!

    You all are brilliant! Wind turbine propeller. Must ask the governor why I don’t see them on OUR highways.

    And the sundog… Brea, thank you!!!! I’ve seen the word, but don’t remember ever seeing one before and I have definitely lived in the Land of Frozen Nose Hairs. THANKS!

    Volcano, California… NC has one called Lizard Lick. I think I’d take Volcano.

  5. Wow, the rainbow sundog is phenomenal! I’d send that one off to Nat’l Geo or somebody! At least, throw it up on Weather Underground.

    You get more out of a trip to West Virginia than anyone else ever could!

    And, as always, please consider cross-posting.

  6. I see someone already commented about the rainbow you saw and how it’s the light refracting off the ice crystals in the clouds. She called them sundogs, I’ve heard them called rainbow clouds, but the experts call them circumhorizontal arcs. Do a search for rainbow clouds, there was one that stretched out over several hundred square miles of Idaho a few years ago, the photo is amazing! I have it as a screen saver on my computer.

    Glad to see you’re have a good time and the the traffic is giving you material for your blog. Merry Christmas and may your New Year be full of joy!

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